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"I'm sure of it, sir. I've followed them to this exact point where I've heard them arguing for the past ten minutes," the woman stated into the communicator. "Very well, and good work. Don't worry, neither of them will get away with what they've done. I'll see to it personally that they are both taken care of. In the meantime, stay where you are and don't make yourself noticeable," the pimp replied over the communicator. A calm professional, the twi'lek wasn't about to reveal outwardly that she was about to attack and kill a rival prostitute. Too bad there's so many of them. Oh well, one at a time, starting with Quiinzara, she thought to herself.

Yun took out his lightsaber as he sat down on the lone couch. It was a pretty lousy apartment. Sure it was furnished, but it was nothing more than one room with a bed, a desk, a very small cooking and dining module, and the couch Yun was sitting in. At least is was cheap, Yun thought as he smiled to himself. Opening the outward casing, Yun took out the power cell and examined it.

Quiinzara was just across the room sleeping in the bed. She was quite exhausted with all the events that occured that night, and Yun knew that she was going to need her rest. After checking the charge on the cell, Yun replaced the cell back into the lightsaber and re-attached the casing. As he looked up, Yun suddenly felt very tired and started to close his eyes. Suddenly, his eyes snapped back open. Something is very, very wrong, Yun thought to himself. He hadn't seen anything, but he could feel it strongly within him.

"Quiinzara!! Get up!!" Yun said intensely. As she stirred, Yun got up and took off his outer cloak while facing the door. "What's wrong" she replied sleepily. "I don't know. I just know that we both have to be ready for something."
"What are you talking about? We're perfectly-"
"No we aren't. Something is about to happen, I just know it."

Noticing that Yun was staring intently at the door to the apartment, Quiinzara got out of the bed and got behind Yun. His right hand was gripping the lightsaber, and Quiinzara noticed that the emitter was unusually pointed behind him.

The noise was like a saw, and sparks were flying everywhere from the door. Then, the door blew open. Not even flinching, Yun ignited his lightsaber and began to block the incoming blaster fire. Using a backhand technique, Yun very quickly closed the distance to the door and quickly cut down the point man of the assault team. Running through the door, Yun brought his arm upward, pulling the tip of the lightsaber across another gunman's body. In a chaotic mess of smoke and moving bodies, all Quiinzara could see through the opening in the door was blaster shots and a very fast moving beam of blue light.

Just as quickly as it began, it stopped. All Quiinzara could hear through the opening was the hum of a lightsaber. Getting closer to the door, the smoke settled down enough that she could see Yun holding his lightsaber next to the throat a twi'lek man. "Quiinzara, is this your master?" Yun asked. Pausing for a second to take in everything that had just happened, she just nodded her head.

In one swift moment, Yun switched off his lightsaber and grabbed the pimp by the shirt and tossed him against a wall. Bouncing off the wall like a rag doll, the twi'lek started to collapse onto the ground when Yun grabbed him again and pinned him against the wall. "Where is the transmitter that controls the explosive in her head?" Yun asked intensely. "I don't know what you're talking about."
"Don't lie to me, I know you implanted an explosive in her head so that you can control where she is at all times."
"Like I said, I don't know what you're talking about."
"Deny it if you like, but all the Jedi Council is going to hear is that you put an explosive inside of her head after you bought her as a slave so that you can control her on the streets as she exchanges money for her body every night in prostitution. And that's just the Council. What do you think the Judiciary is going to do after the Council turns you over with an execution recommendation?"
"Hey, look now, we can deal on this-"
"Can we, now? Start talking," Yun stated as he let the twi'lek drop to the ground.

As the twi'lek slowly got up to his feet, he looked over at Quiinzara. He remembered the day he bought her from a group of Trandoshan slavers for a couple doses of spice. He remembered the day he initiated her into his group of prostitutes by torturing her for a small group of men so they could have some 'stimulation'. He remembered a number of times where he had her beaten or tortured because she hadn't brought in enough credits. But now-

"Are you hard of hearing? I said start talking!" Yun yelled at him as he once again ignited his saber. Bringing it to bear on the twi'lek's throat, he began to tremble slightly. "Ok, in my back pocket, there's a small control module. It's what controls the 'boomers' on all my girls." Reaching around the twi'lek, Yun was about to feel for the controller when the twi'lek quickly kneed Yun between the legs and hooked Yun across the face.

Caught by surprise, Yun stumbled backwards as the twi'lek performed a roundhouse kick across Yun's face. Falling to the ground, Yun dropped his lightsaber, and the failsafe in the lightsaber automaticly deactivated the lightsaber. As the twi'lek stood over Yun, a smile slowly curled at his lips. Reaching down to grab Yun, a single blaster shot range out. Looking up at the twi'lek, Yun saw a burst of flame come from the upper left torso of the twi'lek as the blaster bolt impacted him.

As the twi'lek crumpled dead onto the floor, Yun turned over to notice that Quiinzara had picked up a blaster from one of the dead attackers and was holding it straight out. "What did you do that for? I had the situation under control," Yun exclaimed while struggling to get back on his feet. "Yeah, I'm sure you did," she replied while bringing the blaster down. "Look, he said it was in his back pocket, so lets just take it and go."
"Yeah, well, we could've just brought him with us to put him on trial or-"
"Or what? Let him escape and come after me? I don't think so. Jedi or not, you're just going to have to understand that I have to do what I need to do sometimes."

Picking up his lightsaber. Yun felt around the body of the twi'lek, and indeed, the controller was in his back pocket. "Alright, well, lets just get out of here," he said exasperated.

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