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Yun and Quiinzara grabbed whatever things they had in the apartment and headed back outside. With the night finally ending, dawn was beginning to break over the horizon. Heading for a transport bound for the public docks, a loud explosion rang out from the distance. As the tall buildings trembled beneath them, Yun could feel something. Looking to the right, Yun saw a very large fireball coming from the night district. Closing his eyes to concentrate on the Force, Yun couldn't feel any death as a result of the explosion. "Its just something for the authorities to worry about. Come on, let's keep going," Yun said to Quiinzara.

"Get in," Jango commanded to his captive. Having captured Fe'ra from the bar, Jango had set a very large explosive to destroy the place to hide any evidence. To ensure that there wouldn't be anyone killed, aside from Fe'ra's security, Jango had waited until the streets were empty and the bars and clubs had closed. Escaping on one of Fe'ra's speeders, they were now at the spaceport.

Fe'ra hesitated for a moment, so Jango just pushed him in. Stumbling onto the floor, Jango grabbed a syringe filled with a sedative. Pushing the button to take them to the proper level, Jango then knelt down to his captive. "Why are you doing this?? I've done nothing wrong," Fe'ra managed to gasp out. "Its simple: you are worth a lot of credits, my dear Mr. Fe'ra. Whatever happens to you after I trade you in is Jabba's business."

"Jabba?? What does he want with- ahhh..." Fe'ra started to say as Jango injected him with the sedative. "That, my captive friend, is no longer your concern," Jango replied while returning the syringe to its case. Standing up and facing the door, the elevator started to slow down and stop well before it had reached Jango's level. As the door opened, Jango instantly recognized the two people standing there. Of course, Yun and Quiinzara also recognized Jango.

"Well, its a pleasure to see you again, madame," Jango managed to stumble out. As Yun and Quiinzara boarded the elevator, Yun looked down at the sedated Fe'ra, raised his eyebrows for a second and then started to punch in his level number. "Well, that's convienent. We're on the same level," Yun stated. Motioning towards Fe'ra, Yun asked, "What's wrong with him?"

"Him? Oh, he just had a few too many drinks last night. He'll be alright," Jango replied. After that, the elevator began to ascend again. The elevator car was awkwardly silent, and Jango began to rock back and forth on the balls of his feet. Looking down at the floor in a bit of embarassment, Quiinzara realized that she was still wearing the same revealing dress that she had on earlier. Trying to cover herself a bit, she crossed her arms in front of her chest.

After what felt like an hour, the elevator finally slowed and then stopped at the level. As the doors opened, Yun and Quiinzara started to walk outside while Quiinzara stole a glance at Jango. Catching the glance, Jango smiled slightly and nodded in her direction. Bending down, Jango then heaved Fe'ra onto his shoulder. Yun and Quiinzara then turned left towards Yun's fighter while Jango turned right and headed for Slave I.

"Well, that was... awkward, to say the least," Quiinzara told Yun quietly. "Hmm, bounty hunters: they think they can hide the truth from anybody," Yun replied. After walking past a number of hangars, Yun finally arrived at his hangar. Opening the doors, Yun headed for his fighter. A red astrodroid beeped a greeting at Yun. "Hey Rudy. I'd like you to meet Quiinzara. Quiinzara, this is RD7-8, or just Rudy for short," Yun stated as the cockpit opened with a hiss. Pulling out the controller from Quiinzara's pimp, Yun plugged it into a port inside the cockpit.

"Ok, Rudy I need you to decode that thing and deactivate the explosives tied to it." Beeping an acknowlegement, Rudy started to work on it. After a couple of seconds, Rudy let out a number of beeps. Knowing what all the beeps meant, Yun turned to Quiinzara and said, "Its done. You and all the other slaves tied to that controller are now free."

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