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((i'm going to go ahead and skip ahead a couple of chapters since most of the intervening chapters are just setup and more character introductions.

to summerize: Yun provides shelter for Quiinzara on another part of Corellia after she discovers her pregnancy. Checking in on her every two weeks, Yun is there with Quiinzara when she gives birth to Jeez. Yun is quick to recognize Jeez as a Force Adept and calls in Master Yoda to confirm. Whenever Yoda confirms, Quiinzara initially refuses to let them take her baby. Under urgings from Yun, Quiinzara agrees to move to Coruscant to raise her infant for at least 2 years under the watchful eyes of the Jedi. Things go according to plan, and Quiinzara tearfully gives up her son to the Jedi whenever he turns 2.

The Overwatchers also have their own little bundle of joy that they begin to raise. With such close ties to the Jedi, their child, Miranda, is recognized to be a Force Adept and is taken to the Jedi Temple for training at the age of 3.

As a part of the same class, Miranda and Jeez see each other often and are fast friends. Their friendship remains close and very solid for many years. Curiously, they often get into trouble as they find ways to play with each other around the temple. Although they make other friends, those friendships never seem to last as long nor are as constant as theirs.

As for Reeon and Ryshai, they fall in love and are married after two years of courtship. Soon after, they have their first child: a girl they name Ryshan'aoliaya, which roughly translates into 'Beautiful Sunset' in the twi'lek dialect. They love their girl and do the best they can to raise her. Although the value of a child, especially a girl is high, niether one of them want her to be sold into slavery. However, whenever their clan comes under scrutiny by a band of Slavers for a 'lack of trade', they are force by the upper class of the clan to sell Ryshana off to the slavers. Reeon is heartbroken, even more so than Ryshai, and commits suicide.

Meanwhile, Ryshana is placed into servitude training at the age of 3. Due to her age, she is sold to a Senator as an 'investment in the future'. Tipped off about the Senator's slaver dealings, the Jedi set a trap for him at Coruscant and arrest him. Ryshana is recognized to be a Force Adept and is taken into the Temple for training.

so you recognize the timeline, Ryshana is being taken into training as Jeez and Miranda are already about two years into their Jedi training which puts their ages at 5 for Miranda and Jeez and 3 for Ryshana.))

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