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Tara coughed as she inhaled the dust in Tatooine’s arid atmosphere. It was dawn but she was already sweating.
“Why did we come here, Master?” she asked. “We could have got the same parts from the colonies on Ilum.”
“I want to spend as little as possible. I cannot allow the Sith to rule the galaxy, I may need the money sooner or later. Besides, Tatooine manufactured parts are more tolerant to extreme conditions.”
Tara nodded and continued walking. They had come to the outskirts of Mos Eisley to buy parts for Tara’s lightsabers. so far, they had gotten everything except the reflector cup. Apparently, the dealers in Mos Eisley had stopped importing reflector cups because of less business. The last dealer Mace had gone to said that the only place to get the cups was Mos Espa. They were going to rent a pair of swoop bikes and hike to Espa Heights; hopefully, they would get all the parts they needed.
Two hours later, Tara was standing in front of a junk shop, shaking the sand out of her hair. For this matter, she envied Mace, who had no hair to get tangled up.
“This seems to be the most popular shop here.” Mace observed. The shop, incidentally, belonged to Watto the Toydarian.
The two Jedi stepped in.
<Hello there,> Watto said in Huttese. <Welcome to Watto’s junk shop. How can I help you?>
“We need a reflector cup and some multi-purpose wires, 3 millimeters in diameter.” Mace replied as he looked around. This being had almost everything a junk dealer could dream of, surely the would get their parts here.
<Ah, of course, I have plenty of those.> Watto said. He rummaged through some boxes but seemed to have trouble.
<Boy! Where are those small parts?> he shouted.
Mace was surprised as he could see only himself and Tara in front of the Toydarian.
“Who are you speaking to?” he asked, bewildered.
“Huh?” Watto replied in Basic. “Oh, I keep forgetting. Little Ani has left for good, I had better leave him and get a new slave, eh?”
The phrase jumped about in Mace’s mind for a bit, and then it clicked.
“What was the boy’s name again?” he asked cautiously.
“Anakin, a genius with this junk stuff if I ever saw one.” Watto replied. “But a Jedi came and cheated me out of his possession, I think.”
Mace thought hard, his mind working furiously. Anakin Skywalker, Darth Vader, was a slave? Impossible!
Tara seemed to be in deep thought too.
Watto’s exclamation broke their chain of concentration.
“Ah! Here it is, I think.” he said triumphantly and took out a coil of wire and a reflector cup. “That is 50, I think.”
Mace paid him and they left the shop, astounded by what they had learnt.
As they sped along in the searing heat of the Dune Seas, Mace was wondering how best to use this information when it hit him like a punch to the Solar Plexus. There was someone very strong in the Force nearby. He motioned to Tara to follow him and turned blindly, following the call of the Force alone. 30 minutes later, they came upon a rock formation with a dome that looked uncannily man-made. Without thinking twice, Mace got off his swoop, unclipped his lightsaber just to be sure and went to the dome. It wasn’t much to look at, no security systems, no password encrypted locks, but Mace took no chances. He ignited his saber and knocked on the door. There was a muffled shuffling sound and the door flew open. And in the doorway, stood Jedi Master Obi Wan Kenobi.

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