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“Obi Wan!” Mace exclaimed. “What are you doing here?”
“I was going to ask you the same thing; I heard you had died on Coruscant.” Obi Wan replied, astonished at seeing his former Master again.
“I managed,” Mace said unceremoniously. “And you didn’t do such a great job on Grievous either.”
Obi Wan raised his eyebrows.
“His brain was protected from the shots you pumped into him, the Separatists transplanted it into an SBD frame, Tara and I had to take care of him.”
Obi Wan nodded.
“So who’s Tara?” he asked.
The Jedi Knight stepped up and bowed.
“I am, Master Kenobi. It is an honor to finally meet you.”
Obi Wan returned the bow and turned back to Mace.
“What brings you here, Master?” he asked.
“Need for help, Obi Wan. We can’t allow the Sith to rule the Galaxy once more. They will destroy everything in their path.”
“I agree, but the Skywalker children are only six months old. And three Jedi Masters and one Knight will be no match for the Emperor’s security forces.”
“Tara is no ordinary Jedi, Obi Wan, she’s only eighteen but she can handle herself in sticky situations. She is one of the few to receive the title of Knight at such a young age.”
Obi Wan nodded and gestured into his house.
“Why don’t we continue our discussions inside?” he said. Mace and Tara walked in.
Tara headed for Obi Wan’s well equipped workbench and she began constructing her lightsaber while the Jedi Masters discussed the correct propaganda to follow.

Half an hour later, all was planned out. The most reckless thing the Jedi have ever done was about to begin. But first, they needed to pick someone up from Dagobah.

On the swampy world that Yoda picked to be his home, he listened attentively to Mace and Obi Wan’s plans. After making a few corrections, he agreed and the four Jedi got into Obi Wan’s Chyyra and took off. Their first stop: Darth Vader’s palace.

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