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Three stormtroopers walked down the corridor inside the Executor, Darth Vader’s portable palace. They were followed by an R2 unit that seemed to have a mind of its self, which was not saying anything, since Jedi Master Yoda was inside the R2 D2 shell.
“I don’t feel comfortable about this,” said a worried Tara. “What if they discover those troopers we left behind?”
“These people are just doing this job for the pay.” Obi Wan replied. “If they do discover them, they will probably launch them out of an airlock.”
They carried on, heading for the Bridge.
Obi Wan, Mace, Yoda and Tara had infiltrated the Executor without any interference. Their plan was simple: get to the bridge, wipe out the crew and find out a means to lure Vader there. At four-on-one, he would never survive, but Tara had her doubts.
“The bridge must be down there,” Mace said, pointing down a hallway.
“Gee, you think?” said Tara, referring to the sign that said “BRIDGE”
Mace just shook his head and walked on; they reached the bridge and stopped. Obi Wan turned and reached out to the Force, Mace followed suit, but facing the other side. Together, they used the Force to cause the roof to cave in on the Hallway, blocking it. This done, Yoda used the Force to pop open the top of the R2 shell.
“A lightsaber, I have not.” he said. “Use the Force, I will.”
Tara looked down at the twin lightsabers hanging from her belt and she unclipped one.
“Here, Master,” she said, offering Yoda her lightsaber. “Use mine.”
Yoda could fell the inner pain in Tara at giving up her handcrafted beauty and shook his head.
“Need it, I do not,” he said.
“I insist, Master, there will be a whole load of troops on the other side, you will need a weapon”
Yoda took it reluctantly and ignited it, the blade throwing a pale green glow on his already green face.
“Many thanks, Young One.” he said.
The others ignited their lightsabers and Obi Wan slapped the control panel. The door opened with a hiss, revealing Vader, lightsaber ignited and at hand, alone.
“Master Windu, you survived.” was all he said.
The Jedi leapt into action.

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