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Even at four on one, Vader had the upper hand; he kept propelling three Jedi back with the Force and dueling for a few seconds with one then doing the same again with the others. Mace found this annoying and jumped back. He took off his helmet and threw it at Vader from the back. As he turned to slice it away, Yoda jumped up and took off Vader’s lightsaber hand from the wrist and sliced off Vader’s prosthetic left leg upon landing.
“You cannot win, Anakin.” Obi Wan said as Vader fell to the ground. “This time at least, and see through the lies of Palpatine.”
“You are a fool, Obi Wan.” he said and pushed himself up using the Force. He summoned his lightsaber to his left hand and held it there. At this, Tara removed her helmet, letting her hair fall down.
“Tara.” Vader said, mildly surprised. “You have been fooled by the lies of the Jedi too?”
“The Sith are evil, Anakin.” Tara said desperately. “Come back to us.”
“You underestimate the power of the Dark Side.” Vader said and all of a sudden, he used the Force to propel Yoda, Obi Wan and Mace into an open escape pod hatch. With the Force, he set the controls to make it land on the nearest planet and initiated the drive. The pod ripped free and rocketed off into open space. Back on the Executor, Tara was being fitted with electro magnetic binders and a Neural Inhibitor. She used to be his friend but was now Vader’s prisoner.

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