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Vader flexed his replacement limbs and stood up. He gestured to a Storm Commando to follow and headed for the prison facilities. He went to Tara’s cell and typed in the password.
“Come out.” he said and Tara obeyed. Vader gestured and Tara began to walk. They walked for quite some time to the Hangar bays. They reached a Lambda class shuttle and the three of them got in. Vader gently eased it out of the Hangar. Outside, dominating the cockpit window was the city-planet, Coruscant.
Vader set the shuttle down in the hangars of Palpatine’s Palace. The Emperor was waiting to greet them.
“Lord Vader,” he said. “Welcome back.”
Vader bowed and said.
“Thank you, my Master.”
“Something is troubling you.” Palpatine said. It was not a question.
“Yes, my lord,” Vader replied. “Masters Windu, Yoda and Obi Wan Kenobi have escaped Order 66. This young Jedi was with them.”
“I take it you know this person,”
“Yes, my Lord, she was my childhood friend.”
Palpatine smiled.
“Ah,” he said thoughtfully. “Then perhaps you can train her and use her help in the destruction of the Jedi.”
“I’ll never turn,” Tara interrupted. “I’d rather die than serve the Sith.”
“You speak rashly, young one,” Palpatine said. “Under Lord Vader’s training, you will recognize what is true and untrue.”
Palpatine turned and the three of them walked into the building.
************************************************** *************
Far away in space, the escape pod came through the atmosphere of an outer rim planet and crashed down on what seemed to be a landing pad. Mace popped the hatch and the three of them jumped out. The planet gave the impression of a very boring world. People walking about, going about their business, various shops here and there and the only loud noise coming from the buzz of engines on speeders and spacecraft. Obi Wan walked to the nearest civilian and tapped him on the shoulder.
“Excuse me,” he said. “May I know the name of this planet?”
The civilian looked confused but answered nevertheless.
“Taris.” he replied.

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