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None of the three knew of the Taris system. They had to find a way off this planet before Tara got killed. Obi Wan had suggested getting some accommodations before they searched for a passage off the planet, so they had gone to what was called the South Apartments. After a quick lunch, Obi Wan had gone out to see if he could buy a small ship with the money they had. An hour later, he returned.
“I have good news and bad news,” he announced.
“Let’s hear them,” Mace prompted.
“Good news is that I have acquired a ship at a very low cost. Bad news is it’s missing its hyperdrive unit. We’ll need to salvage a hyperdrive from somewhere.”
“Any ideas, have you?” Yoda asked.
“The dealer said that there were plenty of crashed ships in the Undercity, we could go there and see if we could get a hyperdrive or not.”
“Well, let’s go then,” Mace prompted.
“Not so fast, Master,” Obi Wan said. “We need to make a stop at the medical facility first.”
“None of us is hurt; there is no need to waste time.”
“We’re not going there for healing. We need to get some Rakghoul serum.”
Mace and Yoda looked confused.
“What’s a Rakghoul?” Mace asked.
“Apparently it’s a mutant creature species that lives in the Undercity. Prolonged exposure to the Undercity leads to the Rakghoul disease, which causes people to mutate into one of them.” Obi Wan explained.
Mace nodded and said,
“Alright, one quick stop and we get moving.”
************************************************** **********
Mace stepped in another puddle and cursed.
“If I live to tell my tale, I’ll leave this out of it.” he said.
The three of them walked through the Undercity, searching for an intact looking ship. So far, they had learnt one thing: Taris’ Undercity was a ship graveyard. Thousands of crashed ships littered the ground every 5 meters. All the ships they had searched so far either had no hyperdrive or had a busted hyperdrive. As they walked, Obi Wan tripped on a stone and almost fell.
“Piece of crap.” he mumbled.
Mace, however, seemed very interested in the ‘piece of crap’.
“What is it?” Obi Wan asked.
“Is it natural for a button to be set in the ground?” Mace asked.
“No,” Obi Wan replied.
“Then this is something new.”
Obi Wan bent down and looked at the place where the stone had been. Sure enough, there was a button set into the ground. As he lifted his arm to push it, however, the Force warned him of something and all of them jumped back. Where they had been standing, a Rakghoul Fiend claw had slashed through. Another five rakghouls joined their leader. Igniting their sabers, the three Jedi leapt up in unison and landed behind the creatures. With a slash of his saber, Obi Wan took the head off of the fiend. Behind him, Yoda and Mace were slashing their lightsabers furiously, chopping the rakghouls to pieces. Obi Wan reversed his grip on his saber and pushed it back in a reverse stab right through the remaining rakghoul’s abdomen. Breathing heavily, Obi Wan, lightsaber in hand, went to the button and pushed it using the Force. The ground in front of him shivered and started moving into the ground. A few seconds later, there was an opening in the ground big enough for him to walk into without a tight squeeze on any side. Obi Wan motioned to the others to follow him and jumped in. Yoda and Mace followed closely. As they stood there, a protocol droid came up to them.
“Welcome, Masters. May I know why you are here in the Promised Land?”

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