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Tara held her lightsaber at hand, deactivated and watched Vader carefully. He had his lightsaber out and was circling Tara slowly. Suddenly, he lunged. Tara just jumped away calmly.
“Good.” said Vader. “Your reflexes are commendable, but you do not use them to their full extent.”
Vader brought his lightsaber around and slashed at Tara’s head. Tara ducked and stepped back a few paces.
“Give in to the Dark Side,” he said. “Feel it flowing through you.”
He launched a sweep at her legs and she jumped over the blade.
“I said it before: I will not turn.” she said, undaunted.
“Ah, but you will, sooner or later.” Vader said, smiling inside his mask. “There is great fear and anger in you.”
“I am neither afraid nor angry.” she said calmly. “Your petty dialogues will never turn my beliefs.”
At this, Vader got angry. He lunged hard and launched a feint at Tara’s knees, stopped midway and went for her neck. Tara, quick as a dagger, ignited her saber with a flash and the bar of gleaming blue stopped Vader’s blade.
“Your strategy backfired, Anakin” she taunted, smiling.
Vader bared his teeth and stood in a battle stance.
************************************************** *******************
Obi Wan, Mace and Yoda looked confused.
“The Promised Land, you say?” said Yoda. “What is this?”
“It is a place where droids look after our Masters’ every needs, sir.” the droid replied. “I am a D-300 Combat Droid, the guardian of the Promised Land. You may refer to me as Deethree.”
“May we see your leader, Deethree?” Obi Wan asked.
“Of course, sirs.” D-3 replied. “Please follow me.”
The droid led the way into the place. It was a huge and beautiful place, with spotless walls, beautiful plants and floral wonders lighting up every corner and a great waterfall showering them playfully with droplets of water. It was hard to believe that the entrance of the place was set in the most desolate place on the planet.
They came up to a magnificent room with decorated ceilings in which people walked around in well-pressed, modest outfits. In the center sat a man, apparently in his fifties. He was no doubt, the leader of these people.
“You have some visitors, Master Gendar,” the droid said.
“Thank you, Deethree. That will be all.”
The droid turned around and walked back to its post.
“Welcome, strangers. My name is Terrik Gendar. How may I help you?” the man said.
“We were hoping to salvage a hyperdrive unit for a ship we have, can you help us?”
“Unfortunately, no.” Terrik said. “If there was anything of value out there, the local swoop gangs would have salvaged minutes after the ship crashed. I can, however, give you a completely new ship.”
“That would be splendid.” Mace said. “Name your price.”
“No, no, I want you to take it, as a gift from us.”
“Gift? Barely know us, you do.” said Yoda.
“No Master Yoda.” Terrik replied. “You barely know us. But you were the Grand Master of the Jedi Order. There is no civilized person who does not know of you.”
Obi Wan shrugged.
“Is she fast?” he asked.
“Fast? These ships were made by the construction droids of this Land. If there’s anything faster than them, I’d like to see it.”
“Well, that’s fast enough,” said Obi Wan. “Thank you.”
“No problem, I wish I could offer you more.”
Mace thought for a second.
“We could use some food,” he said.

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