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Vader and Obi Wan circled each other like wild animals engaged in a duel. Suddenly, Vader lunged forward with his lightsaber pointing at Obi Wan’s chest. Obi Wan jumped over the blade and landed behind Vader. Wasting no time, he swiped his saber in a backhand sweep aiming for Vader’s neck. Bringing his saber around, he barely blocked the blow and stepped back.
“You would be wise to accept your fate and not fight it.” Vader said.
“That depends on what my fate is, doesn’t it?” Obi Wan said.
Vader launched into a dangerous flurry of attacks, advancing on Obi Wan, who was merely deflecting the attacks and not fighting back.
“Your fate is to die, old man.” Vader growled.
“That’s what you said to me indirectly last time, and you had your legs and arm cut off.” Obi Wan commented.
“That was then. This is the now. And the Darth Vader of now is much more…”
“…Powerful than before. Yeah, yeah, I’ve heard the line. Why don’t you say something new for a change, Anakin?”
“My name is Darth Vader!” Vader yelled and let loose his full fury into his sweeps with his blade. Obi Wan just stepped away from the cuts and jabbed the blade into Vader’s right calf. The prosthetics died and Vader now had only one leg to support him. He fought while standing precariously poised, looking for an opening. Finally, when Obi Wan lifted his blade over his head, Vader used the Force and pushed Obi Wan away from him. He Force-jumped to the nearest window and dropped to his knees.
“I have to thank Grievous for this,” he said as he lay on all fours.
He looked up and pressed a button on the panel near him. The floor around him began to move down.
“You lose, Master Kenobi. This time for sure.” Vader said, swiping his lightsaber through the window, and vanished into the floor, where a sliding panel covered the opening. The window gave away and exploded into the lower pressure air outside. The air flooded out of the room and the air circulation units strained to support the room. Slowly, the level of air began to drop. Obi Wan, clutching a fixed chair desperately, drew a breath-mask from his pocket and put it on. He turned his focus to the shattered window and somewhat became the Force. He grabbed the air rushing out and held it in place and all the buffeting items dropped to the ground, including him. He got to his feet, still holding the air, brushed the front of his armor and walked back to the turbolift. The door opened and he saw Mace and Tara inside.
“Talk about great timing,” said Tara.
Obi Wan smiled and stepped in.
“That boy has lost his creativity.” he mumbled sadly to Mace.
“So has the Emperor,” Mace replied.

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