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The Jedi Masters returned sorrowfully to the cockpit. Tara’s body bad been covered and they were taking it to Manaan to have it cremated in accordance with the Jedi tradition. They were sitting quietly in the cockpit mourning over their loss when the comm unit crackled to life, startling them.
“This………Knight…ra…….to Las….ike” came the distorted speech. Obi Wan leaned forward and adjusted the unit and the image came crystal clear. It was Tara! Impossible!
“This is Jedi Knight Tara to the Last Strike,” Tara repeated. “Master Windu, I presume you broke into Palpatine’s palace to bust me out, so why the heck did you run before I was even out?”
“Before you were even out? But I released you from the prison facilities and you got slashed in the stomach by the Emperor.” Mace said, abysmally confused.
“Huh? I was in the secure prisons in level -35. Where did you go?”
“That explains it; we went to the main facilities.”
“No wonder. Vader had suspected that you would do something like this, so he positioned a clone of me in a cell and another clone to ‘protect’ it.” Tara explained. “The imprisoned clone was instructed to team up with you and then send him back your location of hiding. Apparently the Emperor did not know that.”
“Where are you now?” Obi Wan asked.
“I managed to escape from the cell in all the confusion and am using a secure connection located at Level 0. Tell me when to meet you at the Hangars and I’ll be there.”
“Meet you?” Mace asked.
“You are coming back, right?”
Obi Wan slapped the emergency button and the ship pummeled out of Hyperspace. Obi Wan turned the ship around and reversed the coordinates; the Strike shot back into Hyperspace.
“We’ll be there in twenty minutes,” Obi Wan said. “I suggest you head to the Hangars and hide behind a ship somewhere.”
Tara nodded and the comm went blank.
The Jedi Knight doubled over and stood well hidden behind a large starship. She had encountered another clone of herself and took to hand to hand combat, since she did not have a weapon. Now she had a red-bladed saberstaff and was changing the color crystal so that the Masters would not take her for an enemy. She inserted the extra green color crystal she had taken from Ilum and cut and polished in Obi Wan’s Chyyra and snapped the case shut. She tossed away the red crystal; and immediately regretted it. The crystal shattered, producing what seemed to be an ear-splitting racket in the relatively quiet Hangar, drawing the attention of the Stormtroopers on duty. One peeped behind the ship.
“Get backup!” he yelled into his comlink. “We have a loose pri-” He was stopped mid-sentence by Tara’s blade passing across his neck, decapitating him, but the damage was done. The doors opened and two clones ran in, red blades flashing.
“How many clones did they make of me?” Tara mumbled. “Are they so jobless that they did not have anything else to do?”
Tara jumped high and landed on top of the ship. The clones followed suit. Igniting both her blades, Tara sprung into action swiping and slashing at the clones alternatively. Finally, she kicked one off the ship and spun her blades in a vertical circle, slicing the remaining clone’s torso in half lengthways. Wasting no time, she jumped down and continued fighting with the other. She spun around and delivered a roundhouse kick to the clone’s solar plexus, which caused it to drop to its knees. Tara launched another roundhouse kick at the clone’s head and stabbed it in the stomach. But by then, a squad of troopers had secured the Hangar, making escape impossible. A Storm Commando came up to Tara with a vibroblade. Tara leaned back to her left, lifted her right leg and kicked the Commando hard just below the chin. The Commando went limp and dropped to the ground. Suddenly, blaster cannons blared outside the hangar and eradicated half the troops. The Strike had arrived! Tara turned and ran. She took a running Force-aided leap and landed squarely on the open landing ramp. Turning back, she gave the remaining troopers a mock salute, laughed and walked in. Behind her, the ramp closed.

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