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The droid got back into the ship it came to Coruscant on. It flipped a switch and the Dexconn lifted off the hangar floor. 10 minutes later, it was in hyperspace.
Tara was pacing up and down tensely. She turned to Obi Wan.
“Are you sure that you instructed it to report to us after its objective was complete?”
“Yes, Tara, I am very sure.” Obi Wan replied. “Why are you so tense?”
“I’m worried that they might access the droid’s memory core and find out our location.”
“Now, now.” Yoda said. “Hardcoded, all assassin droids’ memory cores are. Break them, No one can.”
“Anakin can.” Tara replied, not calmed one bit. “He bypassed the code on a hunter-killer prototype version of an SBD when we came across on while on a self assigned mission to Muunilist to get Durge. When we heard that you were there, we were on our way back but this thing stopped us. Anakin just powered it off with the Force, bypassed the code and sent it after Grievous. Apparently it didn’t kill him as it was supposed to.”
Obi Wan also began to feel tense after this bit of information.
“We can only hope for the best.” he said.
Tara continued pacing.
The Dexconn shot into realspace and RM took it skillfully to the hut of Obi Wan Kenobi. It set the ship down and got out. Wrapping its metal fingers around the butts of his Sharpshooter pistols, he walked up to the door of the hut and knocked. Obi Wan opened the door; and the Force’s warning came to him as strong as a slap to the face. Obi Wan dodged to the side as RM pulled the trigger. The Jedi whipped their lightsabers out in unison and began deflecting the bolts. But Tara had done her job well. Even without the Force, the droid’s excellent reflexes allowed it to evade the deflected bolts as a Jedi would. It continued to fire and dodge as the Jedi desperately sought a way out. Finally, without thinking, Tara yanked the droid through the Force and it flew across the room into the wall.
“Let’s go!” Obi Wan yelled. They scrambled out of the hut with the droid in hot pursuit.
“To the Chyyra!” Mace shouted, running like mad. The four of them piled into Obi Wan’s ship and took it off the ground, Tara in the cockpit. She was about to engage the main drive when an idea struck her. She turned the hovering craft to face the droid, who was now firing at the ship’s fuselage, not causing and damage. She flipped a switch and small cannon appeared out of its side. She pushed a button and an ion burst deactivated the droid in an instant. She set the craft down and opened the ramp.
“What are you doing?” Obi Wan yelled. “Get us out of here!”
“The droid is offline, Master” Tara said. “It’s a good thing you had ion cannons.”
Tara ran down the ramp to the droid.
“No major damage,” she announces. “It’s just offline. No doubt Vader got to its core.”
“Repair it, you must.” Yoda said. “And next time, go with it, we shall.”
“Repair it!” Mace asked, not believing what he had heard. “That thing almost killed us, how do you know it won’t turn on us again.”
“Change its program back to default, we will.”
“And what if Vader turns it on us again? Next time, we won’t be as lucky.”
“That is why he said we will go with it.” Obi Wan said exasperatedly. “No offense, Master, but please stop being so pessimistic. If you don’t want to come, you can stay here and we’ll go without you.”
Mace was quiet at this for a few seconds; then he said,
“My conditions still stand.”
“Decommissioned, the droid shall be. But for now, need it we do.” Yoda said, finally beginning to get annoyed.
Mace nodded and the three other Jedi heaved a sigh of relief inwardly.

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