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Obi Wan’s shuttle dropped out of hyperspace before the others did to check on the situation. The planet looked peaceful enough. He headed to the location above the planet from where he was to make his descent. Space rippled around the planet in about a 2 mile radius from the planet and 53 other shuttles dropped into realspace one by one. They were fitted with cloaking devices just in case and they all switched them on at Obi Wan’s command. 53 ships entered Coruscant’s atmosphere under cloaks and touched down at their destination locations. From all shuttles, twenty men in Elite Stormtrooper armor marched out in single file and headed for the nearest maglev tram station or public airspeeder station and requested locations very close to the Emperor’s Palace. The locals were very careful around their new customers. So far, the plan was working smoothly but Obi Wan had a biting worry at the back of his head that the Emperor or Vader might sense them. But Tara had made a short side-trip to Yavin-4 and captured an Ysalamiri to cloak them from the Force, but Obi Wan still had doubts, given Anakin’s strong affinity to the Force. Besides, the bright yellow reptile made it hard for them to use the Force. They had to concentrate even to levitate something, but luckily, after a small test, Obi Wan was sure that their reflexes were not affected. He shook his head softly and focused. Five minutes of walking brought them to a tram station. Obi wan went to the ticket counter.
“Give me five tickets to Chance Palp Spaceport,” Obi Wan said, his voice synthesized by the Stormtrooper helmet.
“Yes, of course, sir.” The man said and got out five tickets to their location in a jiffy.
“How much?” Obi Wan asked.
“25 credits, please.”
Obi Wan paid the man and they got into the tram.
“Statement: I believe visiting the spaceport will cause my circuits to get disrupted occasionally by the ion blasts of the ships that come and go, Master.” RM said from beneath a large cloak and hat.
“We are not going into the spaceport, Aarem.” Obi Wan said softly. “We will simply make it seem so. The Emperor’s Palace is only five kilometers from the Spaceport, this distance we cover by walking.”
“Question: Won’t the locals feel suspicious of us, Master?”
“They might, but that is a risk we have to take.”
“Negatory: No Master. Although it is not my place to correct you, even the slightest risk could upset the delicate balance of this operation.”
“What do you think we should do?” Tara asked the droid.
“Suggestion: We could jet to the top onto the main levels, Master.” The droid said.
“Jet?” asked Mace. “We do not have jetpacks, in case you didn’t notice,”
“Negatory: You don’t need jetpacks, Master. Suggestion: you can use this ‘Force’ and levitate yourself off the ground onto the main levels.”
“That will arouse the suspicions of the locals.” said Obi Wan. “How do you know they won’t notice four flying Stormtroopers?”
“Heckle their minds, we must,” said Yoda from under the shell of an R2 D2 unit. The Jedi Master was not very happy with this but he took it in good spirit and occasionally played the sounds the R2 line of droids usually use to communicate from a playback radio taped to the inside of the shell.
“Okay,” said Obi Wan. “But the Ysalamiri will make it difficult for us to hold ourselves up for long.”
“Hold it, the droid will,” said Yoda.
“Affirmation: I will do so with pleasure, Master,” said RM.
“It’s settled then,” Mace said.
All five of them made their way to the nearest wall.

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