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RM was clutching a small metal box with holes in the top with his cold metal fingers, the Ysalamiri inside it crawling around. The R2 unit turned to face the crowd and Yoda inside it took hold of their minds. Suddenly, they vanished from sight to the common bystander. To them, they never even existed. Obi Wan created a force platform underneath their feet and raised them up. RM saw them moving and initiated his jetpack. Soon, they were on the sunlit higher platforms of the planet, walking along towards the Emperor’s Palace. Twenty minutes of quick walking bought them to the Palace’s public entrance. They used the same tricks again and got back down to the pits of Coruscant. Here the people were nowhere to be seen. The Jedi and droid were the only people present there. Obi Wan stopped and turned to RM.
“Leave the lizard here, Aarem,” he said. “We’ll come back for it if we have time.”
“What if Vader senses us, Master?” Tara asked.
“The large amount of people in the palace will form a natural cloak for us. He will find it very difficult to make us out among the other sentient beings in the structure.” Obi Wan explained. RM obeyed and tucked the lizard next to a large rock. Mace ignited his purple blade and cut a hole in the wall of the under levels of Palpatine’s Place. They headed to the elevator through a labyrinth of corridors. Waiting before them, was a squad of five men in Stormtrooper armor and navy blue bodysuits. Obi Wan smiled slightly. Hopefully, the rest of the thousand made it here on time too.
Apparently, they did. Obi Wan was having his comm burst open with arrival affirmations. After all the squads were confirmed, Obi Wan switched off his comm for a few minutes. After he came back online, he proceeded to business.
“Right, remember your instructions. You are to enter the Barracks under the ruse of equipment checking and one of you must place the mine in a secluded spot.” Obi Wan instructed over the comm as the walked yet again to the Emperor’s Chamber. “You must not be seen doing that. Once you are through, stay in the vicinity of the 100th level. We will call if we need help.”
With a Mass affirmation, Obi Wan breathed a bit freely. For now, the pressure was equally divided amongst the troops.
They arrived at the Emperor’s Office. The door slid open; and Obi Wan immediately knew that the plan had been compromised.
In front of them, stood a whole contingent of Stormtroopers and the Emperor and Vader with ignited sabers.
Mace acted from instinct. He used the Force to slam the door shut and turned and ran, with the others at his heels.
“Abort mission!” he yelled into his helmet comm. “I repeat: Abort mission!”
All the thousand men who were already in place began blasting away at Imperial troops, trying to get away. The whole place was submerged under utter chaos. The doors of Palpatine’s Palace flew open again and Vader came running out, followed by a horde of troopers. Tara pointed her blaster behind her over her shoulder and began firing blindly. A groan from hit troopers occasionally, told her that she was causing at least some damage to the seemingly invincible army of Imperials. They were running like mad, shooting here and there when Mace had enough. He popped open the hatch of the R2 shell. Yoda jumped out and started running along with them. Then he yelled at them to split up, to find out who Vader was after. So at the next ‘junction’ of four hallways, Mace and Yoda ran into the right one, Tara and RM into the left and Obi Wan ran alone into the straight one. Vader motioned, undaunted, and continued running into the straight one, after Obi Wan.

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