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I am currently trying to work around the pop cap. I can say that it works for the corvette, my home made modified corvette (same model as corvette, since I stink at modelling, may try to improve once I start experimenting with textures), and the gunship. However for some strange reason it does NOT work for any of the fighter. their value says 0, but they still count as 1 unit towards the pop cap. The default for fighters also already was 0. I however do have an hypothetical solution for the problem, and that is to create a carrier ship that counts as 0. That carrier ship will then spawn exactly 1 squad of fighter it actually is. I doubt I can make the carrier destroy itself right after that, but I can give it 1 for hullvalue and 0 for shieldvalue.

I must admid though that so far none of my creations were buildable in skirmish (however they work fine in GC), and I have absolutely no clue why. Would be silly that you can have 50+ capital ships but only 25 fightersquads.

BTW Is this forum awfully slow these days or is it just me?
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