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And Metalhead. Good ones, and, Nykee died, right?
Could be...there's only one way to find out, aye?

Woah! The Fic is almost done! Tomorrow i will post the last, extra long, chapter that will end the story. Until then...chapter 8....
funny fact: As i said a little hile back, i needed Darth Vader to 'change' into a father. In this chapter, the conflict that Luke sees will be started. I really enjoyed writing it...

Part 8: Imagine
Rokar was speeding through Hyperspace, when he suddenly heard the Hyperdrive stop humming. In front of him appeared his worse nightmare: The Executor, flanked by several Disruptor Cruisers. Behind it, several ‘normal’ Star Destroyers of the Victory class were slowly turning towards Rokar.
“Oh bugger….”
“This is Corporal M’iss of the Scorpion. Prepare to be pulled aboard.”
“Big bugger…”
As the Utopian Eagle was slowly pulled aboard, Rokar was thinking in top drive.
“How could they possibly know I’m here! This is impossible!”
The Utopian Eagle was dragged into a hangar, where several troopers started surrounding the vessel. To make matters worse, an all to familiar man followed them. It was Bif Maerslander.
Bif started ordering commands, when all of a sudden, the hangar door opened. Surrounded by his black cape, Lord Darth Vader stepped into the hangar, filling it with a tremendous fear.
Vader walked slowly towards Bif, as Bif kneeled down.
“We have captured the Eagle, Lord Vader.”
“You have done well. You shall be rewarded.”
“Thank you, Lord Vader.”
Bif walked away, as Vader pulled his lightsaber from his belt.
“Rebel! Surrender, or suffer the consequences. Lower your cargo ramp, and step out. Now.”
Rokar sighed. This was it. He slowly pushed the button of the cargo ramp, and made his way for it. As he stepped out into the light, he heard the sound of several dozens of blasters being readied. As he walked towards Lord Vader, he smiled.
“You really do me to much honour.”
Darth Vader reached out his hand, and grabbed Rokar by the neck. Rokar felt as if he was dying. He was lifted high above the ground, as a tremendous force was pushing at his throat.
Darth Vader released him.
“Quit the jokes, Rebel scum.”
“Always a pleasure…*couch* damn this hurts….”
Darth Vader’s other hand still held his lightsaber in it. As he ignited it, Rokar’s face turned pale.
“Erhm…I get your point.”
Vader deactivated the saber again, somewhat pleased by the fear of the Rebel.
“Now tell me…what were you doing in the Royal Archives?”
“I…I was doing research for a friend…”
“What friend?”
Vader stepped closer towards Rokar, who was still on the ground.
“You can ask your ‘friend’ Nykee about that. She’s a good agent, you know.”
“No. From the moment the we got the Rebel codes, we sent the info to her. She then adopted the identity of codename Delta. You bypassing the Stormtroopers? Planned. You entering Naboo without harm? Planned. You here? Planned.”
Rokar fainted. There were too much emotions raging through his body. This whole mission, was a trap of the Empire. And it was working. Several hours later, he woke up in a holding cell. As he stood up, the door opened. It was Darth Vader.
“I sensed you were awake.”
“Good. The sedatives are working. Which brings me to my first question: Where is Luke Skywalker?”
“Don’t know…”
Darth Vader bashed him in the face, and Rokar fell back. He was lifted by some Stormtroopers again. The kept holding him now.
“You don’t know. Amusing.”
“I really don’t know. I haven’t seen him since Hoth!”
“What did he tell you then?”
Rokar woke up. Adrenaline was raging through his body. Luke had told him he was planning on leaving for Dagobah. Darth Vader laughed.
“Hahaha. Your feelings betray you, old one. I expected Yoda would do something like this.”
Darth Vader stood still. For a few seconds, the mechanical breathing was the only sound in the room. Darth Vader made a gesture.
“I know where he is going. The place where his friends are going, that is. To bad I will be there before them.”
Adrenaline was keeping Rokar going. Darth Vader turned around, walking away.
“You are his FATHER! Why do you want to kill him!”
Darth Vader turned around.
“Luke has no father. That man died on Mustafar.”
“Yeah, blame it on Mustafar! I don’t know what happened there, but it must have turned you insane! You ARE Anakin Skywalker.”
“That name has NO meaning to me anymore!”
Instead of punishing him, Darth Vader was arguing with Rokar now. Rokar felt like he had released something of his rage when Rokar started mentioning the name Anakin.
“I don’t know what kind of mental problems you have, but you ARE his father!”
“No I don’t. Nor would I lie about you killing your wife,Padme, several thousands of people, Jedi and more!”
Darth Vader ignited his lightsaber.
“There is no redemption for me. Not anymore.”
And all of a sudden, he slashed at Rokar, creating a huge gash at his chest. Rokar fell down, writhing in pain.
“That’s for defying me. This is for…”
He started choking Rokar using the Force.
“mentioning my wife’s name.”
Rokar started to see starts. All sound around him faded. And then, there was nothing.

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