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Yes, but I doubt the EAW engine allows for the cost increase I mentioned earlier. But you're right, there are better ways compared to a pop cap. I may have a way around the EAW system though, but that would involve some heavy programming, and I seriously doubt it would work.

EDIT There I've done it, removed the pop count for everything except the fighters, for previously said reason. I also tried to increase the pop count for the A-Wing, just to see what happens and nothing happened, still counts as 1. So my guess is that there's another number that I can't seem to find that detirmines the pop count for fighters on the map. Anyway, I'm not going to post the files yet, unless asked. This is because the file layout is currenty messy, wich in turn is because I'm splitting up all the files into a shiptype file and a seperate hardpoint file for each ship. Apart from that I'm also splitting up the weapons file into seperate files for each weapon.

So with most of the ships in their group files and the rest in seperated files, half the hardpoints seperated and the other half in the Hardpoints file and the proton torpedoes seperated in my protorp file with every other weapon stil in the projectiles file, you probably can imagine how messy it looks. However feel free to ask and I'll mail you the shipfiles.

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