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You tell me, heh. It looks like all those strap_ commands just return equivalent trap_'s. It says they're "shared" but i see that the plain trap_'s are used in cgame and game so...? The reason client wasn't showing my changes was because the variable p was set just to 20.0f in game so cgame thought it was 0, while of course an actual number had its own real value whereever it was.

I was just setting angles directly in BG_G2PlayerAngles, not with traps. (No it wasn't obvious at first, i'm still taking baby steps here.) If you like to try wacky stuff with bone angles, check out the IK stuff in the game. You can sort of retroactively set bone angles to make a particular point on the body try to reach a given point in the game world. Restraining the joints to natural looking positions is hard though.
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