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Originally Posted by Datheus
Well? You don't go into someone's house and crap on their drapes, man. What would your reaction be if someone walked into your living room for coffee, and you ended up finding out he just wanted the 5 minute argument?
Well, for one I wouldn't invite ANYONE into my living room who I think should be put in jail.

But I don't get it. Apparently this guy, Haggard, agreed to talk to Dawkins. Invited him to his building place worship thingy, whatever the hell you call his big brainwashing center. And when Dawkins starts demolishing your arguments, you threaten to have him arrested?? How does THAT make sense? If you don't want to talk to someone who's smarter than you, fine, but don't invite him to talk and then say I'll have you thrown in jail because I don't like you anymore.
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