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Originally Posted by TK-8252
Oops, is it Haggart or Haggard? Might actually be Haggart. Oh well, makes little difference.

Watching some other clips from the same documentary on YouTube, this is really the only discussion of his where he seems to be looking for a fight. He goes and talks to all sorts of loonies who I'm just thinking have GOT to be the biggest dumbasses on the face of the earth. How he manages to stay civil with such ignorance is amazing. Maybe it's because he's an atheist. >_>
In the beginning, he takes some pot shots at religion. I'd hardly call the parents of my friend (they're Catholic) delusional. They're wonderful people, and never once mentioned a THING to me about religion. They simply choose to believe that there is a divine power. I don't find that to be delusional. It makes perfect sense to me. I simply choose not to believe it.
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