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Sorry i post this a bit later, i had a very, buissy day...
But then again....chapter 9! The last one!
funny fact: You might wonder how the ships could get damaged by such an explosion. Well, In the Empire Strikes back, it is stated that the Dtar Destroyers aren't flying with shields on all the time. And since Bif didn't order them too.
What now? Thank you all for reading. Although i'm not a very good writer, i have enjoyed myself writing it. I hope you enjoyed reading it too. I won't be writing anything soon, but i'll keep checking the fic's in here. If your 'views' have raised by a mysterious 1, it'll be me

Part 9: Last Resort
Han sat down. Darth Vader had just pulled his blaster out of his hand, and ordered him, Leia and Chewbacca to sit down. They did, as the Dark Lord started talking.
“Well, well. If it isn’t General Solo and princess Leia. What brings you here?”
Han looked at the fearsome Jedi.
“Your cruisers blasted my ship into oblivion, so we needed some repairs.”
“Funny as always.”
Darth Vader stood up.
“The reason I am here doesn’t involve you. You are just pawns. Although I might actually find use of some of you….”
Chewbacca growled. He stood up, and ran towards Vader, who did nothing. Just before the Wookie was about him, he pulled out his hand. Chewbacca fell down to the floor instantly.
Darth Vader laughed, as Han was staring at him with open eyes.
“A little trick…to bad he sealed your doom this way, mister Solo.”
“Wha…what do you mean?”
“You’ll find out soon enough.”
Leia, shuddering, asked:
“Who betrayed us? Just give us the pleasure of knowing. We know you prepared this trap, and Lando didn’t know about our arrival.”
Darth Vader laughed again.
“You are correct. I ‘persuaded’ a rebel agent into telling me some secrets.”
“Rokar Numden, princess. Think about that in your holding cell.”
Vader made a gesture, and the Stormtroopers walked into the room, taking Han, Leia and the unconscious Chewbacca away.


“He’s awake, captain.”
Rokar slowly opened his eyes. But what he saw didn’t please him. Imperial doctors were leaning above him, observing his moves.
“You are in the medbay of the Star Destroyer named Scorpion, Rokar.”
“Bif….i swear, even if it’s the last thing I’ll do, I WILL kill you!”
“Not yet, ‘friend.’ Not yet….”
Rokar realised he couldn’t move his body.
“Sedatives…in case you became angry. Farewell, Rokar.”
He made a gesture and , while walking away, he said:
“Take him to Vjunn. He will learn what pain is there.”
Suddenly, Rokar rolled of the bed. One of the doctors tried to lift Rokar, but Rokar turned around, grabbed the man’s chin, and broke his neck. All the doctors quickly ran away. Only Bif was left in the room, frozen by fear, right in front of the door.
“R- Rokar, come to your senses!”
“Those senses tell me to kill you….”
Rokar walked towards Bif, very slowly.
“Th-The Empire can pay you! Even more then those damn Rebels!”
“This is about honour. Not about money.”
“But the credits, they-
All of a sudden, Rokar felled a streaming pain in his spine. One of the doctors had injected the sedative in his spine. Rokar quickly turned around, and knocked him out. Bif was laughing.
“There’s no way you can get away! The sedative will start working in a few minutes!”
“A few minutes is all I need….”
Rokar ran passes the frozen Bif, aiming for the hangars. “Ever since the Clone Wars, medbays are close to the hangars…” He instantly recalled a Bothan map viewing a Star Destroyer.
As the hangar doors opened, several dozens of Stormtroopers looked back at him, and started shooting. But Rokar was already halfway the hangar, near the Utopian Eagle. As he rushed aboard, he felt the sedative taking control. He launched his ship, and flew away. He then heard someone shouting from behind him. With a familiar voice.
“Stand up, Rokar.”
“I’m afraid I can’t do that, Nykee.”
“Then I’ll force you.”
She shot at the control panel in front of Rokar.
She pushed the blaster at Rokar’s back, while pushing him forward.
“Any last wishes?”
Rokar suddenly got an idea.
“Yeah. Please go to the cargo hold….”
He didn’t know what was going on, but he felt that the ship was being pulled aboard the Scorpion again. He also felt he needed to do one more thing…


Captain Bif Maerlander arrived at the bridge of the Scorpion. At his right, a young recruit was pulling the Utopian Eagle in. Bif made a gesture, and an officer joined him.
“I want the pilot of that ship dead, major. Is that clear?”
“I’ll take the platoon, Sir. We’ll be ready when it lands.”
“Good…very good…”
“Should I contact the other destroyers too, Sir?”
“Yes, please. Tell them to fly in close formation. Don’t let the Utopian Eagle escape!”
With a smile on his face, he looked over the Imperial fleet. The best of the Imperial fleet were there. The Death’s Head, The Leviathan, everyone. All except the Executor, that went to Bespin for some reason.
“Stupid Jedi….”
Bif smiled as he thought of the suffering Rokar was about to encounter.


Rokar sat down on his knees. Nykee held the blaster aimed for his head.
“Well Rokar. This is the end.”
“I suppose you are afraid.”
“The sedatives make you even more annoying…any last words?”
He looked up, with a maniacal smile upon his face:
“See you in hell, Imperial!”
In one fluent move, he grabbed Nykee’s blaster out of her hand and knocked her down. He then shot at the cargo control panel. It short-circuited, and the safety doors opened. Ten barrels filled with the most instable material of the Universe were now floating between him and the Scorpion. He smiled, and pulled the trigger.

1 week later
Luke looked at his new mechanical hand. He was still amazed by the technology.
A droid rolled in his chamber, brining the latest news. The datapad entry started with:
“Imperial Fleet suffers bizarre accident”
Luke force pulled it out of the little droid’s hand, and started reading. As he was swapping through the pages, he suddenly saw something on one of included holo-images: The name plate of the Utopian Eagle. Luke dropped the datapad.
“Rokar…what have you done…why…”
But he suddenly started smiling. And levitated the datapad back to the droid.
“Thank you. For trying to turn my father. I can feel his conflict.”
He stood up and opened the door. He then made his way for Admiral Ackbar’s hut. He opened it, as the Mon Calimari was staring at him.
“I have a request Admiral.”
“That would be?”
“A hero’s funeral. For an old friend.”

The Imperial fleet never really recovered from the attack. Several ships were heavily damaged. But it didn’t compare to the damage on the Scorpion. It was completely destroyed, including it’s Elite-commando team. The team was about to be stationed at ‘some kind’ of shield generator on the forest moon of Endor. The ships damaged couldn’t participate at the battle of Endor either. The events that day had a huge impact later on. The Imperial fleet was weakened by it. Later, Imperials declared that the absence of the best Imperial Star Destoyers was the main reason of their loss at the aformentioned Endor. Also, the Emperor was forced to use another Elite team to station at the moon of Endor, which led to the demise of the shield generator caused by Han Solo and his strike team.
All the people aboard the Scorpion were killed, including an, according to the Empire, very talented young captain. No word was spoken about the Rebellion, Rokar or Bif’s incompetence. The destruction was blamed on a drifting asteroid.

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