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Recommended Changes in Future EAW Updates

There has been much discussion over the changes in Patch 1.05, and there are many opinions on how its changed the game. Lets see if we can turn these into constructive proposals to help move the game forward in possible future patches/changes.

Please write your recommendations in this format:

Decrease Power to Weapons from 10 seconds to 7 seconds for Tartans.

Reasoning (What will this fix?):

This will stop the strategy of sending a rush with a single tartan to take out a mine, crippling the opponents economy from the start.

Current Perceived Imbalance (What is the current scenario of imbalance):

Currently, a lone tartan can by hyperspaced into a mine and take it out dispite fire by a starbase and 2 corvettes. This essentially is undefendable from the beginning if you build a mine.

We will look into these recommendations and have our QA test applicable proposals.

This thread is for constructive feedback only.


If you want to post more than one proposal please do as Apocalypse and ImpElite did and add it to your original post. Just use the edit this link at the lower right part of your message.

- popcorn2008
Please do as popcorn asked. I will outright delete double posts.

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