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Part 5: Private Investigation
Luke was plotting a course for Bespin. The sweat was dripping from his forehead. What he had seen in that vision…his friends….
He was a Jedi now, he told himself. He was trained by Yoda the past couple of weeks, and he became a whole lot stronger. But strong enough to beet his most feared opponent?
“You can do it Luke…you must” He told himself. R2 was beeping loud behind him.
“I know, I know…”
He checked his gear. Lightsaber, blaster, everything was there. He pushed the Hyperspace button, as he started seating even more.


Rokar and Nykee walked out the cargo ramp. In front of them stood the man from the com channel, Lieutenant Bif Maerslander. He walked straight towards them, and shook Rokar’s hand, with a smile upon his face.
“Rokar…it’s so nice to have you back!”
“’s nice to see you too, Bif…”
“Ahh…and you might be?”
They walked out of the landing pad, heading towards the main palace. Suddenly, Rokar remembered his mission.
“Can I ask you something, Bif?”
“Go ahead…”
“I need to know something about a family called ‘Skywalker.’ They seem to have ties to Naboo.”
“Hmpf…I’ll get you access to the Royal Data Archives.”
“Yeah. When you said that name, I remembered something: A jedi with that name accompanied a Nabooian queen once. You might find something in her logs.”
“Logs? For how long have they been closed then?”
“Ever since the Empire was created….”
Rokar sighed: “By the way, could you lend me some Dylithium dioxide?”
“You hyperdrive still needs that crap??”
“Okay…let’s see…will ten barrels do?”
“Thanks Bif!”
“Everything for an old friend….”
They walked on, up to the palace. They walked across the stairs and entered Bif’s private quarters. Bif sat down behind a communications relay, and asked permission to enter the archive. After much codes, identity checks and more, they finally got permission.
Bif turned around.
“Why do you need this information, actually?”
“A friend on mine asked me to find out…”
He didn’t forget the fact that Bif was an imperial officer. Telling the truth about Luke would get him into huge problems.
“What friend?”
“An old guy from Tatooine…this was his dying wish…”
“Okay. Just checking…”
Rokar and Nykee followed Bif, as he brought them to a lift.
“The archives are in the basement. We will bring you up in…3 hours. Good luck.”
“They entered the lift, as Bif entered a code on the other side.
The lift started moving, faster and faster. After a few seconds, it suddenly stopped. The doors pulled open and Rokar stepped out. He was surrounded by huge shelves crammed full of datapads.
He turned around. Nykee was standing there, amazed by the scale of the complex.
“Where should we start searching, Rokar…this place is huge…”
“Let’s go for the ‘S’ of Skywalker…”
As they walked to the appropriate section, Rokar’s eye fell on a little shrine, with a big concrete block in it. Atop of it was a datapad.. He picked it up, and wondered why people would lay it down in such a strange place. As his eyes read the lines, his skin turned pale:

Here lies Padme Skywalker-Naberrie

Nykee quickly ran towards Rokar. She saw him turn pale.
“Rokar! What’s wrong!”
“Th..this is the grave of Luke’s mother…”
“What the…no way…”
“She…was a queen…”
“What are you saying?!”
“One of the Rebellion’s leaders, the one that blew up the Death Star, is of Royal blood!”
The two sat down on the stone floor, thinking. Rokar was amazed. It was unbelievable Skywalker had royal blood in his veins. The farm boy that joined the Rebellion a while back certainly didn’t look like a king. He looked at the tomb. Again, he was shocked.
There was something written on the side of the tomb, in a strange language. His finger rubbed the dust of, as he tried to find out what kind of language it was. Nykee stood up:
“That’s Gungan, you know…
“Are you serious? They haven’t been seen for a long time around these parts…wait…that must mean this message is really old…”
“How can that be?!”
“I think we need to find out…fast…”

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