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Part 6: Mother
Nykee shuddered.
“This doesn’t comfort me at all…this text is from before the cleansing.”
Rokar shuddered. The cleansing was a secret operation from the Empire to slowly dispose of all resistance. It included a bounty on Jedi, Rebels and many more. It also included an extermination program for the Gungan population. On a Monday morning, five years after the battle of Coruscant, the Imperials marched into Otto Gungah, and killed everything. Women, children, everything. The horrible event was one of reasons people asking questions. Questions that were rewarded with immediate execution. Nykee had translated the text, and started reading it up load:
“For all that read this. The women in here was the best friend I ever had, until she was murdered by a Jedi. Please, take revenge for me! Jar-Jar Binks….Mustafar”
“This text was carved out with….nails….”
“What…that do you mean?”
Rokar rubbed even more dust of, and the tomb started to show clear marks of nails on it.
“This guy…he died for writing this…”
“Why would he do such a thing, Rokar?”
“I don’t know…but that word at the end is a hint…”
“What’s a ‘mustafar?’
“It’s a desolate star system…what would a queen be doing out there?”
“I don’t know. But I have another idea. Let’s go to the ‘N’ section and search for Naberrie.”
“Good idea…”
The two walked onto the ‘N’ section. A little panel on the side of the shelf provided a search program. As Nykee typed in Naberrie, several datapads started glowing. Rokar collected them, and putted them down on a table close to the shelf. He sat down, and Nykee went to sit next to him too.
“Nykee, we need somekind of information regarding a jedi, and a star system called ‘Mustafar.’ That’s what we’re looking for.”
The searched through the pile of datapads. After 10 minutes they still hadn’t find nothing. But suddenly, Rokar pulled a little datapad out of the pile.
“Hey, Nykee! This one even includes camera footage!”
What they saw darkened their hart though. A beautiful was being buried. Surrounding the grave were hundreds, if not thousands, of people. The sky was black, as sad music was played. Rokar saw something.
“Stop the footage!”
He looked closely of the picture of the women. And he saw he was right.
“She is holding a special kind of necklace!”
“Yeah? So?”
“From a material that only exists on Tatooine!”
“Wait a minute…that would mean…”
“Supposing the necklace belonged to her husband..”
“That her husband was a Jedi from Tatooine!”
“But she was killed by a Jedi too….strange…”
“Let’s search for ‘Jedi’ in her personal log then. I believe you found that a while ago?”
Nykee typed in ‘Jedi’ and to her surprise, there were multiple entries including the word.
Rokar pulled up his shoulders.
“Let’s see the first entry, then.”
Nykee selected it, and they started reading the text:

June, 23
The two Republic representatives have saved us from the Trade Federation. What a luck they were trained Jedi! We have claimed a ship from the Royal Hangar, and are now on our way to Coruscant. I hope nothing goes wrong though…

Rokar sighed.
“That didn’t give much info….”
“Let’s select another entry then…”

May 11
Anakin came by…he told me the Jedi had attacked the Supreme Chancellor in their quest for power. But I thought the Jedi swore to protect the Republic? He said all of our problems would be gone forever, but I didn’t feel that way. He said he needed to do one more thing…something at Mustafar.

Rokar looked up.
“This seems to be the right entry. The name Mustafar….”
They continued reading.

This afternoon, Obi-Wan came by too. He told me Anakin has turned to the Dark side. I couldn’t believe him. He also told me he needed to find Anakin. But if it’s true what Anakin told me, I shouldn’t trust Obi-Wan….i’m going for a shuttle. I will talk with Ani.

Rokar sighed again.
“At least we have two names now: Obi-Wan Kenobi, and Anakin Skywalker.”
“And we know Obi-Wan is after Anakin. Could Obi-Wan be Padme’s killer?”
“No. Obi-Wan is a kind old man. He trained Luke, you know.”
“Did he teach Luke how to make such a nice lasersword?”
“It’s called a light - wait a minute…no way.”
“What’s wrong?”
“Luke once told me the saber belonged to his father. He got it from Obi-Wan. So that must mean Obi-Wan took it from Luke’s father.”
“Why would he do that?”
“If Luke’s father had died…I can imagine…”
“But this entry doesn’t say anything about Anakin dying. Nor does this extra entry.”
“Extra entry?”
“Yeah…read it…”

Hello there…

This is Obi-Wan Kenobi. Senator Padme Naberrie has died at the hands of a Sith Lord. A Sith Lord I nearly killed. I couldn’t do it though. I was to weak…
This beautiful women died for love. Love for her husband. I swear, even if it’s the last thing I’ll do, her son WILL be a Jedi. He WILL complete what his father has started.

Lord Vader, your days…are numbered.

“You are right Nykee…this doesn’t say anything. For what I can conclude, Padme got killed by a Sith Lord, but died out of love. Maybe she wanted to protect her husband.”
“Why isn’t Anakin’s name in this entry then?”
“That’s strange, yes…”
Rokars suddenly yelled.

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