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Part 7: Predictable
“When…when I was fighting with the Rebellion on Nebula 7, a guy once told me about Darth Vader….”
Rokar was breathing heavily. Nykee replied:
“What…did they say about him?”
“He…hasn’t been this mechanical monster since his birth. A guy said Vader was a Jedi once, but betrayed their completer order.”
“That means…”
“Anakin claimed the Jedi were trying to kill the Emperor…”
“But what…if the Emperor was trying to kill the Jedi?”
“That means…that….Anakin Skywalker…is the betrayer. The Sith Lord that got mortally wounded a Mustafar. The man we know as Darth Vader.”
Nykee turned pale. The leader of the Rebellion…the one that had done so much heroic deeds…was the son of a Sith lord. A Sith lord that had killed his own wife…”
“Rokar…we…can’t tell him.”
“We must…we have no choice.”
“It will break his heart!”
From their position, they could hear the Library doors open. Shortly followed by a mechanical breathing. A very familiar breathing. Rokar started sweating, and turned even more pale.
“Nykee…that’s Vader…he’s after us.” He whispered.
“What’s your plan?”
“Ehrm…seen the circumstances…I suggest we have to get the hell out of hear, make for a ship, trace the Rebellion and last but not least: Avoid being followed.”
“Just follow me.”


Darth Vader could smell the fear of the two rebels. He walked straight for the ‘N’ section, where he felt them. As he walked towards the table next to the ‘n’ shelf, he saw the datapads littering the table. There wasn’t a sign of the two rebels though.
“Hey, iron pants! Over here!”
Vader instantly activated his lightsaber. He rushed towards the sound. When he turned around the corner of the ‘O’ section, he saw a Twilek girl staring at him, with a blaster aimed for his chest. Darh Vader started laughing.
“Did you really think you could trust Bif? You are even more foolish then you look like.”
“One move, and I’ll shoot.”
“Do you realy think a pathetic person like you can be a match for the powers of the Force?”
“I can always try, metalhead!”
“How rude…”
The girl fired, as Darth Vader deflected it with his lightsaber. He pulled the gun out of her hand using the Force, and started choking her with another Force technique.
“It’s nice how you sacrificed yourself for your little friend, but he won’t get past the troopers guarding the lift, you scum.”
“We’ll see about that, Anakin….”


Rokar heard Nykee saying that. He couldn’t believe she was trying to save him. There was no way he could make it out of hear alive. A little voice within him told him otherwise, though. As he was sneaking towards the exit, he slowly looked around the corner. Three Red cloaked guys were guarding the lift. Rokar hadn’t seen them before, but he didn’t doubt about their intensions. He slowly grabbed a Thermal Detonator of his belt. He wrapped it in a little bag he grabbed out of his pocket. He sighed. This was it. He slowly rolled the detonator around the corner. He heard the soldiers giving each other commands. He slowly turned around the corner. He saw two soldiers looking at him from above the little bag. With his utmost concentration, he aimed his blaster at the bag. He fired, and jumped around the corner again. A huge explosion followed, as the three red bodies were blasted through the room. He turned around the corner, and rushed for the lift. A tear rolled across his face, as he enter it.
“Thank you, Nykee…”

When Rokar ran through the city, he was thinking of Luke.
“How the hell am I supposed to tell him?”
He entered the hangar. It wasn’t guarded at all. He hadn’t seen a single Stormtrooper in the complete city since he had left the lift.
“Probably a trap, but I have to try…”
He opened the cargo ramp, and rushed inside. He fired up the engine, and scanned his ship for spy devices and errors. When he was done, he saw a tall figure entering the hangar. It was Lord Darth Vader.
Rokar turned pale again. Although the engines were ready, he was frozen. As the tall figure rushed towards the ship, rokar woke up. He quickly pulled the after thrusters button, and the Utopian Eagle started flying.
“Phew…thank god…”
He made his way for space, while avoiding the laser cannons of the Naboo defence line.
“How can I possibly yell Luke…how can I possibly…”
Another tear rolled across his face. He had just found out the terrible truth about Luke. He still couldn’t believe it. But when Darth Vader showed up, he was sure of it. His stance, his pain. The tall man was Luke’s father.

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