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Ooo. A blaster to the face, nice touch. I like the banter that Jae and Jolee have
“Timan’s obviously the leader in this group,” Jolee noted to me. “Let’s go see what kind of fun we can have harassing his ship.”

“I can think of better ways to have fun.”

“Yeah, well, he’s a little too injured for ‘fun’ right now. At least give the poor boy time to heal.”


“You really have to stop leaving me openings like that. Ah, here we are. Let’s see how many turrets we can take out and then get out of here.”
That was definitely another Bindo moment. What can I say, that is Jolee. Crazy old coot. Another Jae-rrific chapter and you have fed my curiosity for now if briefly. Now I have to deal with hanging off the edge of my chair waiting to see what happens next.

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