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1. Proposal, Replace X-wings special ability "Lock S-foils" with "Proton Torpedo shot" which allows the X-wing to fire a Proton Torpedo that does 1/3 the damage that a Y-wing missile would do. Reason, This will balance the space skirmish battles more. Perceived Imbalance, Right now with patch 1.05 the Rebel faction can take all the mines in the map before the Imperials can.

2. Proposal, (online) if a player quits a game and there is one or more player left, then the remaining player(s) could have or share the person who quit's population cap and money. Reason, This will give the remaining player(s) a better chance to continue the game without losing. Perceived Imbalance, Right now if someone quits on a team, the other team has a better chance of winning.

Those are my ideas right now.

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