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Make Tartans and Corvettes/Gunships easier to hit.

It's not that these vessels can take so much damage, it's that most of the shots targetting them seem to miss.

Percieved Imbalance:
In a game yesterday I had two Acclamators and one Victory Star Destroyer target a single Gunship, and it took them an inordinate amount of time to bring it down. Not because it could take a lot of damage, but because nearly all the shots sailed neatly past. In the meantime said Gunship was hammering my fighters and seriously damaged a Broadside cruiser.

Give us a Pause key on the keyboard as well.

It's a pain to have to take your eyes and the mouse off the action to pause the game when there's a lot going on. It would be good to have a key on the keyboard you could just keep your finger on.

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