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This message is more to Delphi than everyone, but I think others would agree that while gamers appreciate PG trying to balance the game, gamers are frustrated at the number of patches it takes to get the game into balance. Should it really take this long? I mean we are not far off an expansion adn the game is still not balanced?

Alot of valid assessments have been made here, and yet again Apoc is on the money, though I must say Apoc when Delphi said the balance wont get to a point to be like vanilla he meant that Xwing and TiEs will never be completely equal or balanced, not that are balanced at present...and nor should they be.

Its obvious PG wanted to get rid of the vette rush but your going to get people looking for some kind of rush or quick and lethal tactic whatever changes are made. Vettes are suppossed to be anti-starfighter and i have always thought they are way too powerful for what they are and represent. Starfighters have no hope. Personally I despise the corvette rush. It is so unimaginative. A good game will depend on the willingness of the players to allow the game to grow rather than look for the quick victory. Bringing VSD and AF to tech 3 is a great idea.

***What I would really like to know from PG is how they assign ships and squadrons the value they are given? Is this just an arbitrary figure given in comparison to other ships? To try and balance the game by making Rebel and Empire ships at each tech as close to one another as possible will kill the game. From what Delphi has said this is not going to happen anyway. Therefore the only two ways to balance the game is to fiddle with ships stats or by assigning the correct value to each ship or squadron. Fiddling with ships stats will require changing the value of the ships anyway. Not to crap on too much about a mod I made but I used the stats from the Xwing flight sim series and used a formula to determine the values of ships. Obviously the more hit points and more weapons a ship has the more it costs. The hardest thign was assigning a value for special abilities, but with a little bit of play testing you can arive at a value fairly easily. It can't be any fairer than that. What players spend their income on is up to them; if both sides have a force worth 10,000 then its going to be pretty balanced. I will send the forumlas I used to the thread below just for info. I wouldnt recommend it if I didnt think it could fix the issue because I dont want to be downloading patch 1.99 for a tweak here and a there with the game still imbalanced. I think to base modifications of the game based on the word of the people that you currently have been is wrong and has to stop. Who knows who those people are; they may be crap at the game whatever mods are made. One of my friends play tested for a major games company and if it was done right the first time and they knew it was balanced, it was up to players to learn how to play not be spoon fed.

I must also say that accuracies of ships should be standardised. They vary wildly and are not very realistic. I assigned accuracies based on the weapon type and target not on race or ship type. It made accuracy balanced since both sides weapons were as equally effective.
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