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Originally Posted by lukeiamyourdad
Thus why you needed to move forward and conquer new territories which is the basis of a Total War game.
Thats the wall i hit. I ran out of places to conquer to gain income. My forces were out of position to sustain an invasion of the other houses, since as you said they dont have hyperspace and it takes ALONG time to reposition armies. Sure i could have attacked the remaining cities but the counterattack would have been devastating. I saw then that you really had to plan your conquest from a long way out. That is real strategy. Yes i know you couldnt actually have an infinite army since you dont have infinite territory to fund it or population to man it...

Upgrading the space station 5 times is more than enough. How big a pop cap do you want Jedi? You could increase the cap by 20 at each upgrade if you really wanted but its not practical. I think your just downing the idea because i wasnt so supportive of your idea. Your idea could be implemented but like I said, its not realistic. Put it into our terms, is the 10th stealth bomber any more expensive than the first? No. The cost of the Empires 25,000th ISD is the same as its first, maybe even less given benefits of mass production or improved production processes in reality.

Your idea of purchasing/upgrading population cap would work and is basically the same thing as the space station idea but its not slaved to the station. Like I said it depends on how large a pop cap you want. You could have the option at tech 5 to increase your pop cap beyond your limit, or a combination of both. I dont know what it is about needing to upgrade pop cap an infinite number of times though; you are never going to use this.

With the space station upgrade system a variation on the existing maximum pop cap of 20/25 could be to limit the cap by the level of your station upgrade. Eg Start at pop cap of 5 for Emp/ 5 for Rebs for and receive 5 extra cap at each tech after tech 3 pop cap of 10/15, with the Rebs receiving the extra 5 cap at this level. Alternatively the Rebs could receive the extra 5 at lvl 2 and the Imps receive nothing. This is probably more fair as the Imps get access to their first ship that spawns fighters at level 2. At level 4 the cap is 15/20, at level 5=20/25. This would ensure no one gets ahead too far. Its actually limiting the pop cap, which is not want most people want but it could make for a more balanced game and places even more emphasis on upgrading. It would hinder people from spawning an armada of nothing but corvettes at lower levels for eg. You would be forced to use the lower end ships for a bit longer, and with PG reducing the tech for VSDs and AF's you would have access to some heavier firepower just as your cap gets bigger....Just another suggestion.

You could also use your idea of setting the pop cap before the game as an option, say, on a simple slide scale? You could reduce the cap to say, 10, if you really wanted to have a small scale game.
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