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I concur with ImpElite; Allow continuing player in multiplayer to inherit leaving players money, ships and population cap.

As per current setup, when a player leaves a team it puts the remaining player at a fatal disadvantage.

Perceived Imbalance:
2 on 1 is simply not equal.


Give Empire back third TIE squadron on startup.

2 X-wing Squadrons are more than a match for two TIE Squadrons, considering an X-wing squadron can outrun a fight with TIEs it cant win using their special ability.

Perceived Imbalance:
Nothing perceived about it.
Cost of 2 Xwing squadrons: 1000
Cost of 2 TIE squadrons: 600 (difference =400)
Cost of 3 TIE squadrons: 900 (difference =100)


Start with smaller population cap and increase cap by increasing tech level. This *could* be applied to galactic campaign but is aimed more at fixing imbalance with skirmish play.

This will limit the size and therefore composition of forces until a player has been able to upgrade at least two tech levels, preventing ‘rushes’ of low tech units. The larger the station the larger the force it can service/support.

Perceived Imbalance:
Due to Rebel Alliances’ superiority in ship performance this will restrict the size of force that they can deploy at lower tech levels and allow the game to generally reach a higher tech level before a conclusion can be achieved.

With the space station population cap upgrade system each side would start with a pop cap of 5. Each side receives an extra 5 pop cap at each tech level after 2 (from 3 on) with the Rebels receiving an additional 5 at Tech lvl 3 to counter the free Tie squadrons the Empire receives from its ships. I considered the Rebels receiving an extra 5 cap at level 2 but everyone upgrades to level 2 immediately so they would pretty much have the extra 5 cap anyway.

So at tech 3 pop cap is E10/15R, with the Rebs receiving the extra 5 cap at this level. At level 4 the cap is E15/20R, at level 5, E20/25R. This would ensure no one gets too far ahead. It could make for a more balanced game and places even more emphasis on upgrading. It would hinder people from spawning an armada of nothing but corvettes at lower levels for eg. You would be forced to use the lower end ships for a bit longer, and with your decision to reduce the tech for VSDs and AF's you would have access to some heavier firepower just as your cap gets bigger.


Reduce hit point and shield strength of Corvette class.

The Corvette class is a small, weak class of ship used for scouting or anti starfighter duty not going toe to toe with frigates.

Perceived Imbalance:
Currently they are half as tough as an Acclamator and are overly effective against the frigate class. Due to accuracy issues and the level of their health they can take an extra-ordinary amount of fire to hit and kill. The Corellian corvette is particularly deadly given its 8 laser cannons and ability to run from any fight when under threat.

To keep them to the true anti-starfighter role they were meant for I suggest that their health and shields be halved and their cost reduced to 2/3. This will also allow fighters and bombers to hurt them a bit more.

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