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Proposal : Leave corvs/tartan tier1. Bring Nebulons down to tier 1 . reduce hardpoints to 2 . decrease neb size , and give it meauvrability AI similar to corvs , including speed. Set mine killing ability similar to corvs. Do the same for acclams. Bring down assualt and remodify its usage. make it purely ion weapons, so cant damange hulls. Bring down gunboat and make it cheaper . Bring down victory to tier 1 ,give assorted weapons ,make quite expensive. make it smaller too.

Reasoning : This is supposed to be a game of fast slick play. Lets not have ****ty uncontrollable fighter spam, nor have boring techupgrade to slow lumbering units that remain static at locations. Have all units with a good relative speed , so that they can travel from mine to mine in the same way experts use to do in 1.03 with corvs and tartans. If noobs complain about eaw being a single unit game, then bring down tier 1 options like nebs and gunboats but make them function properly

Balance : balance will sort itself out , give people ability to mix and match units that are controllable and people will adapt.
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