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Reduce the cost of the bounty hunter to 500, but increase the cost of an assasination
By this you could eliminate a smuggler who costs 500 credits for approximately the same amount of credits; the elimination of other heroes can be balanced by rising the current assasination costs by 500 credits.
Current Perceived Imbalance:
Right now, you can spam all valuable enemy planets continually with smugglers without worrying, since the elimination of the smuggler will cost the enemy more than his production costs you.


Weaken certain indigenous units, especially Polusians, Ewoks and Wookies
While it is a good idea that some planets should be easier to conquer for a certain faction, ATM some planets give the rebels a too heavy advantage
Current Perceived Imbalance:
Especially on lower tech levels, some planets can be conquered by Rebels with minimal losses, sometimes using only the indigenous units. For example I managed to easily capture a pretty heavily defended Endor with only a raid fleet of infantry units (no heroes), while on the other side I lost both Darth Vader and General Veers to a small Rebel Force and hordes of respawning Ewoks.


Enhance the damage of scout troopers against artillery and (slightly) infantry;
Scout troopers should not be "driven over" by tanks and artillery;
Slightly increase scout trooper HP
This will strengthen a relatively weak unit (scout trooper) while weakening a relatively strong one (rebel artillery)
Current perceived imbalance:
While the scout trooper is meant to be a counter for artillery and infantry, he is right now easily defeated by both of them, especially artillery, and has little use in combat. Even as a scout he is relatively impractical since almost every unit can kill him in 1-2 shots, thus creating the need of him being watched over continuusly.


Proposal: Make AA towers (and possibly AT-AAs) unable to target ground units
Reasoning: This will ensure that the AA tower is used as such
Current perceived imbalance:
With their far longer range and their area damage, AA towers are ATM better against infantry than anti infantry towers are!!

Proposal: Somehow limit the heroes you can send with a raid fleet.(Perhaps either make heroes count to the 3 units you can send or limit the number of heroes you can send with a raid fleet to 1-2)
Reasoning: This will weaken the "hero raids" a little while not affecting the ones with regular units.
Current perceived imbalance: ATM a rebel player can have 3 ground units, Obi-Wan, Han Solo&Chewbacca and a ground commander/C3PO in a single raid fleet, which is often more than enough to conquer even a relatively heavily defended planet - I often use hero raids only to conquer planets in GC.
In my opinion raid fleets should hurt an enemy (e.g. blowing up a HV gun with infiltrators) or punish him for leaving the ground undefended, but not be a or the primary means of conquest.

Proposal: Increase the pop cap a planet gives in GC by 5-10 (to 10-15); perhaps decrease the pop cap low level space stations give (to e.g. 7,10,13 for level 1,2,3)
Reasoning: ATM the pop cap a planet gives (5) does not allows you to build enough units to fully defend him, let alone to build an invasion or space force.
Current perceived imbalance: ATM a player is forced to build a space station above every planet simply to have enough pop cap to build up a reasonably large army.I would welcome it if building a space station was more an option than a mandatory action.

Bug fix: ATM General Veers takes no population point when landed as the first unit.(You are still e.g. at 0\5)
Bug fix: ATM a 3 speeder raid is incredibly strong when using autoresolve
Bug fix: When landing Veers or an AT-AT on Hoth as the first unit, the "spawning point" (first landing point) is not captured. (you can land no troops)

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