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Lightbulb 1.6 proposal

i think there should be a population cap increase for space battles cuz i think that would make it *more* like the space battles in episode III. this increase could be for multiplay & single play games (including campaigns)

& yes i think that gunships should have less hitpoints cuz they r small & weak. and the big guys should not struggle while taking them out.

i think arty ships should have some kind of laser defense against ships cuz i hate babysitting them almost every second if an enemy closes in on them

also, the interdictor anti-missile field range should be extended a little bit cuz when i got all star destroyers in my fleet, its a bit hard to make sure they stay protected from rebel arty ships cuz they r so big

oh ya: MAKE THE DAMN AT-ATS IMPERVIOUS TO ENEMY FIRE!!!! i hate losing those guys to a few damn rebel soldiers. unfair & totally unbalanced
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