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Fix the AI in GC mode to tech up to level 5.

Reasoning (What will this fix?):
GC games are currently not enjoyable to play as the enemy AI will only use lower level ships. I have never seen the enemy AI create a Mon Cal, ISD, or Death Star in a GC game unless I start the game with tech at level 5. This is a common issue with all players of EaW.

Current Perceived Imbalance (What is the current scenario of imbalance):
GC AI is inneffective which causes the GC games to not be challenging in the slightest. If it techs up to level 5, this problem will be greatly reduced.


The online "synchronization error" that occurs in quite a few MP matches needs to be fixed. This error is very annoying and it makes it difficult to enjoy the MP aspect of the game.


Add a replay feature to MP games. It's something that I think the community would have a great deal of fun with.


EDIT: I was able to fix the rebel campaign/hero bug by completely uninstalling, reinstalling, and patching to 1.05. The campaign didn't give me any problems this time. I wonder if somehow patching to 1.05 from 1.04 screwed up the campaign. Wierd.


I second the proposals to make the Interdictor more useful. I can honestly say that I have never seen a player even build the Interdictor in an online skirmish game due to the fact that it's almost completely useless unless you are playing a GC or campaign game.


I also second the proposal to increase the pop-cap in both space and land battles. If nothing else, I think it should at least be increased a little bit. It would be cool if a player could have as many as 6 ISDs in play at a time, for example. I know mods have done it but I would like to see the official game go in that direction as I'm not a big fan of using mods in RTS games (though I may make an exception for Legacy of War).


Increase the hit points on all fighters so that they will last longer against tartans and corvettes. To balance this with "bombers vs capital ships/stations", make it so the torpedoes can't penetrate shields but rather impact on the shields (if for no other reason than to make EaW canon with previous SW games like X-Wing). Shield strength on capital ships should also be increased slightly to compensate. Once the shields are down on a cap ship, make the torpodoes be a little more effective against hard points. IMO the shields should be the main defense against fighters and once they are done, the cap ship better watch out!

Reasoning (What will this fix?):
Right now fighters just plain get killed too easily and you typically end up with nothing more than capital ships slugging it out after only a few seconds during any given space battle. IMO Star Wars is about having space battles with capital ships AND fighters. I think fighters should be tweaked so that they will last longer in battle but not at the expense of capital ships (ie increasing the shield strength of cap ships will balance against stronger fighters).

Current Perceived Imbalance (What is the current scenario of imbalance):
The fact that fighters get killed so easily on both sides is an imbalance, IMO. This is particularly more so with the rebels as their fighters don't come free like the empire's do with cap ships.

Honestly, I think the most important thing that we need from the 1.06 is bug fixes. Some people are barely able to play online due to the synch error, the AI in GC games won't tech up, sometimes the cinematics cause the game to crash, and there are other small bugs that just hinder truly enjoyable gameplay.

Petro, my recommendation is to make the next patch a huge bug squasher along with some of the balance changes being submitted in this thread. Doing that will GREATLY improve the replay value of EaW. Any more balancing, however, should really be secondary to bug squashing.


There are reports that since patching to 1.05, using the deathstar to destroy a planet crashes the game. I'd like to request a fix for this bug in the 1.06 patch.

Here are some threads in which this bug is reported:


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