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Post Psychonauts and Beyond Good and Evil Music Video

Hiya! I'm Jericho McCoy and well, I have to say, Psychonauts is definitly a cool game.

Actually, definitly cool game is not even a word that can properly explain it....

Sopendouserly-upewesometastically cool is at least close to what I can describe the game.

Anywho, I noticed that the game didn't get the attention it much more thoroughly deserved, hell, Streets of L.A. got more attention then this masterpiece!(Well, I wouldn't really know, but that game was bad...)

Also, there's another game called Beyond Good and Evil(I played that one first before Psychonauts). It is a totally unique game just like Psychonauts except it gives the player a movie like experience and a serious story, but in a grand new universe.

So, listening to my MP3 of all the music 1GB can hold, one song in particular got to me. It wasn't until I passed under the bridge and met the Mayor of New Egilridge that...

<45 minutes later>

...and after I tranquilized the monkey, that's when I knew how to get this MV going.


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