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[TSL] Floating Ligthsabers v.2.0 -Major Overhaul-


Screenies: (you may have seen this screenie in my "learning the ways of the force" mod wip thread. Well no, this isn't the whole mod. It is a very very small excerpt from the mod).

Feedback on this new version and more particularly on the level up rate would really be appreciated.

This mod adds a new force power that allows the player to spawn lightsabers that will attack the ennemy.

There are 3 levels:
lvl 1: spawns 1 lightsaber
lvl 2: spawns 2 lightsabers
lvl 3: spawns 3 lightsabers

As in the previous versions, the color of the lightsabers you spawn depend on your alignment: if LS or neutral, you'll spawn blue sabers and if DS, the sabers will be Red.

v.2.0 (07-29-2006)
new in this version:

- use of stoffe's tsl patcher to ensure compatibility with other mods (note I use the hacklist to edit the .ncs files instead of recompiling the scripts. Stoffe has since then released a much more user friendly way to do this for modders but it was already done when she released it. I'm too lazy to redo it but it doesn't change anything for the end user. )

- new cutscene with music where the pc automatically acquires the first level of the force power on Korriban. The pc need to be at least lvl 12. (if you want to know exactly where, read the spoiler section below)

- the possibility to spawn infinite sabers has been removed: the player won't be able to successfully respawn a lightsaber until the previous sabers have"died" or disappeared. No more lightsaber armies!

- leveling up of the force power will automatically happen as the player "practices" the force power. If the player uses the first lvl of the force power 20 times, he will gain level two.

Once he has gained the 2nd level, the 3rd level can be gained after using the 2nd level another 20 times. There is no PC level requirement for lvls 2 and 3. In other words: if you use the floating lightsaber force power, you will eventually level up. If you don't use it, you won't gain the next level. (You may think that I must have played too much Oblivion...but in fact it's an easy method to script the 2nd and 3rd lvls into the game. I haven't found a way to make them appear in the level up screen if the first level has been granted with a script).

Note that the number of times you have to use the force power before leveling up is a bit arbitrary at this point. I considered that there are not tons of battles in KotOR, that there are other powers (duh!) and that I removed the possiblity to cast the power multiple times. I am not too sure whether the level up will occur too quickly or to slowly for general use. If I'm lucky it will be fine but I'm never lucky with those things

Feedback on this feature is more than welcomed.

- range of force power augmented to medium (no need to be as close to an ennemy as before )

- the power is now PC only

- The cost of the force power has been increased:

Cost: 40 FP at lvl 1
60 FP at lvl 2
80 FP at lvl 3.

================================================== =
================================================== =
If you have a previous version of this mod installed, just install this mod on top of it. The mod should update automatically.

You can also instal the mod on top of other mods that use the spells.2da file.

1. Create a new folder called Override in your C:\Program Files\LucasArts\SWKotOR2 directory.

2. Double click on Floating_lightsaber.exe and follow the instructions. The install directory has to be C:\Program Files\LucasArts\SWKotOR2 and not the override directory. The source code (.nss) files has been included. *.nss files have no effect whatsoever on the game. If you are not a modder or a nerd, you don't need them.

Edit: Do not manually transfer the files from the tslpatchdata folder to your game directory or the mod won't work as the installer modifies some of the files contained in the TSLpatchdata folder during the process to ensure the compatibility with your other mods. Even if you don't have any other mods, you have to use the installer.

The files contained in the folder d3_sber_source are the source code and it is for reference purpose only.

Delete the files from your overide directory

SPOILER - acquiring the 1st lvl of the force power

The player can only acquire the force power on Korriban, after defeating Kreia in the secret tomb. Once you defeat Kreia, a Holocron appears and from there, you can chose whether or not you want the force power. Note that if you refuse the force power, you won't get any other chance to get it during the game. This is your only chance...apart KSE (see below).

Although the tomb only requires the pc to be at level 9 to enter, you will need at least level 12 to gain the force power.

You can always use KSE ( if you want to cheat and get the force power at another moment. If you cheat, the leveling up after 20 uses of the force power will happen anyways.

...and before I forget, the most important is that you can get the mod here:

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