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Exclamation KOTOR II TSL - Darth Maul Skin

If anyone can help I'm trying to get my hands on the KotoR II TSL - Darth Maul skin from pcgm.

The info is as follows when I ran a search and checked the google cache:


Mod Name: Darth Maul Skin Mod
Section: PC
Date: August 22, 2005
Version: 1.0

File Name: Darth Maul Skin.rar
File Size: 136.38 KB
Downloads: 1,409
Views: 13,406

This mod replaces the skin used for Darth Bandon and makes the
head a selectable PC that resembles Darth Maul(without the horns).

I think the number is 15546 - At least each cahce i check to that link lists that number in the link address after /mod/

And the File name as it looks is Darth Maul Skin.rar (with those spaces)


I actually just tried that trick shown on the first page and got it. with this link: Maul Skin.rar

The readme is in Russian though and so is the name displayed on the portraits face at character choice. I'm not sure if that will apply to my game or not but if all is well i'll re-up this file everwhere appropriate (giving the original author credit) as it turned out fairly nice for paint job.

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