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Anti-Tim RPG

Since Smon wouldn't start it and let me go ahead and do it, here it is! the Anti-Tim RPG! Or would it be the Anti-Anti-Tim RPG??? Hmm...Well, that dastardly Anti-Tim is up to no good and it's up to us forumites to stop him and make the world a better place for creative games like Psychonauts! This is my first RPG by the way.

As you should all know, the Anti-Tim is Tim Shafer's evil twin from a parallel universe (props to Smon for bringing this evil character to light) who unlike our beloved Shafer is enemy of creativity and fun. You must keep in mind that these two are opposites as much as possible. But in Anti-Tim's world, games like Psychonauts flourish to no end, and that maddens Anti-Tim in turn as repetitive gameplay and mediocre level design are his forte. He has learned that his (good) twin in our world enjoys a life full of recognition, fans and is generally happy. And that nefarious (and jealous) Anti-Tim has devised a plot to rid of the real Shafer and take over his life, slowly replacing the original's game-design philosophies with his own and pitch a sophomoric shooter to MS as the next big killer-app. Too bad that repetitive action sequences and mediocre design are real sellers here. As to how did he get here? Well, that is one of his closely guarded secrets that we must learn and exploit...


1.It's encouraged to play as yourself in the RPG (for example, I'm playing as myself; Miss_Mayhem) but an OC is acceptable too. You must write your name, age, appearance, gender, personality, weaknesses, and skills down in a bio at the LEAST. If there is more you’d like to include about yourself go right ahead. If playing yourself, You must still write name (plus an alias if you’d like), age, gender and appearance (Be a normal human or be kooky with looks, either is cool), weaknesses (no one is perfect), and skills but personality is not necessary as we all know another well enough for this to work.

2.No god-modding or anything that gives you an unfair advantage.

3. Don't kill another person's character off.

4. Dont use someone elses character in a way that can/will/would affect any plot thang we might have goin'. Only use someone elses character for dialog purposes and try to keep it minimal.

5. Dont try to start a romance with someone if the love-interest in question is against it. You can try to have the Nils thang goin and hit on all the fellow members of the opposite gender, but dont try for anything serious if the person doesn't like the idea.

6. Keep this within the rated 'T' category. Honestly, do we want risqué makeout sessions or cannibals eating us alive with their bare hands? Probably not, at least, I dont.

7.You cant play any of the campers or counselors in the RPG ...yet. Hopefully, we'll get to the point where the canon-characters from Psychonauts are up for grabs and you can play 2 people if you'd like (we just need a dimension-hopping device to get there...). Since you'd have control of that person, you get liberties with rules 3, 4 and 5 that only apply to them. So Pyro, if you call dibs on him first, Sasha can so crush on you. I call dibs on Lili!. You might as well call shotgun and dib canon-characters now for the future.

8. DONT SPAM! Lets try to keep this on topic

9. No bashing!!! If you must make a derogatory remark about someone on RD for comedic or ambiance purposes, make the person up.

Well, now that we have the rules down (in retrospect, it seems like alot but they are all necessary) lets start this! Hopefully, we can get to the ass-kicking soon, there will be , and : ...maybe, and we all hafta meet first somehow if that should happen. Kay, the RPG starts.........NOW!!

Name: Miss_Mayhem, also known as Mayhem
Age: 13
Gender: female
Appearance: shoulder length dark hair that is let loose, tanned skin, vampire teeth, elfish ears and reddish eyes. She (I, wow this is weird) wears denim capris and a yellow pacman t-shirt (ooh! Pennyarcade reference!) with a longsleeve white shirt underneath. On the smallish side, and thin (kay, that 4TR is true about me, I am too thin, I prefer the term willowy or lithe though).
Weaknesses: horrible at actual physical activity
Skills: stealthy, can fit into small spaces, enhanced senses, wicked elf abilities such as mild empathy powers and having a degree of control over nature, knows a few spells (ead: 2!) and is good at shotting with either bows/arrows or guns.

Another day. Another angry flame ware. That was to be expected on forums. Nothing stayed on-topic for too long there, something Mayhem had learned long ago and found refreshing compared to other stiff message-boards she had joined and abandoned. She sat at a computer set in her room in the wee hours of the night, replying to a random thread and not trying to get caught up in the angry flame-war that had sprung up between Genericdude#1 and FangirlLOL who were notorious for the way they could rile anyone up and derail a thread. Their angry banter was funny really. FangirlLOL responded to a post with a menacing "Sic the Anti-Tim on 'im!".

Genericdude#1 replied: "*shrugs off* meh, he's not real."

Smon responded angrily: *eye-twitch* He is real! Don’t lie or deny his existence, for he is out there...watching our every move.

Mayhem rolled her eyes and began clacking away on the pc, writing something along the lines of, "The Anti-Tim real, duh. Everyone knows tat" She was promptly vocabupwned seconds later.

Meanwhile in San Fran..

The rain poured down relentlessly, and it did not make escape any easier for the man. For those who knew him, he stuck out like a sore thumb. Probably the beard... This man was Tim Shafer, and for once he felt terrified. The glaring lights of the Weinermobile flashed from behind him, and his legs worked overtime to outrun the monstrosity. Just then, he saw a glimmer of hope. Praying that his assumption to prove true, Shafer abruptly sped to the right. The Weinermobile was stuborn and followed. Fatigue wearing him down, Tim was relieved to hear the shrill bell ring. He dared to slow down and faced his enemy. It stared right back and began to advance with the whirring noise it tended to make. Tim's death would not be that day, as a flood of children gushed from the school's front entrance, and the kids found little option but to crowd around the hotdog-shaped vehicle.

Tim smirked and made his getaway, hidden from view. Now at a park, he slowed down, and found himself being pulled into the shady confines of a shrub. "Manny? Oh, it's just you, thank God! I though it had been that damn Weinermob--"

His employee groaned, "You know that Anti-Tim is after you, you cant walk around without protection! You have those guards did you escape their sights anyway? Well, whatever, but that freak car isn't the worst of things that Anti-Tim has up his sleeve. We are going to need help, ya know."

Tim stood up and tugged free from the bushes, "I think I know who can help us, the only other people who know of Anti-Tim ... What site has the largest congregation of rabid and dedicated Psychonauts fans?"

Mannycrawled free from the shrub himself, "Um,, I think. Why? Ohh noo, you don't mean to..."

Tim's eyes narrowed, "Yep. Send them the message. Only they can help us now."

(I hope noone was OOC, if so, Sorry. And yeah, this was long and kinda crummy but this was the best way I could think to set it up). JOIN! HAVE FUN! NOW!

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