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Mashi An'krekku
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Name: Mashi An'krekku (but please don't refer to me by my last name)
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Species: Feline
Race: Being
Example Appearace
Weaknesses: Music, shiny things.
Skills: All skills of declawed cats...jumping on furniture, sleeping, eating, being generally lazy sometimes, playfulness. Plus ungood DDR skills and a lovely singing voice!


Meanwhile at the Forums, Mashi was being annoying as usual, singing They Might Be Giants lyrics and drumming on the wall.

"By rocket to the moon, by airplace to the rocket, by taxi to the airport, by front door to the taxiii! By throwing back the blanket hanging down the legs..."

Then she forgot the lyrics and starting humming and dancing terribly. She tripped over a rock with a face drawn on it.

"Damn you, Steve. ...I regret making you the leader. ...NO YOU." Apparantly, she's talking to a rock. Nice one. "Hey, at least the demonic head-bird would be a better leader than you!"

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