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'Ah yes', Mayhem grumbled as FangirlLOL posted a particularly idiotic remark aimed at her, Fighting the urge to engage in her tomfoolery (gasp! I finally used that word, w00t!) Mayhem closed the thread, about to open a thread named 'Interesting Smells' that had caught her attention. " I should change my avatar first," She mused, clicking on the 'user cp' button. She was alerted to a new PM from...Tim Shafer?. Curiosity overcoming her, she opened it. What was written confuzzled poor Mayhem. It read,
" Dear Miss_Mayhem, we here at DoubleFine are requesting the services of fellow Psychonaut fans from to assist us in the fight against the Anti-Tim. Surely you have heard of the jerk. Rally with other members at RD, this will be like so totally epic, d00derz! An email with an attachment awaits in your yahoo. Sincerely, Tim Shafer

More confuzzled than before, Mayhem clicked back to The Mental Minx's off-Topic Party. Hmm..Mashi was on right now. Clicking on her name nelow a thread she had started, mayhem sent Mashi a PM that read, "Mashi??? I just got this 00ber-weird pm from Tim Shafer...did you get one? I'monna ask the others..."

(Oh, and before I forget, everything here that refers to real people is used in a parodic manner and no mony is made, such as no character is defamed either. In fact, if you can't tell, we are all fans of Tim' work)
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