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Originally Posted by jedi3112
Rome doesn't allow for it despite introducing a good system for that game, just not worked out all the way through. However Rome was full with flaws, claiming to be realistic, while horses could jump over a 6 meter pike, bad AI etc.
It does. Just because it isn't as obvious the system allowed it.

And what game is fully realistic? You'd have to be a fool to claim something like that. Even the developers realize that they can't have 100% realism. Thus the saying:"Gameplay>Realism". It just claims to be the most realistic to date. Which in my opinion, is true.

Truth is, I'm not sure there is any game with an actual infinite limite that can be accessive through non-cheating ways. American Conquest did have a pop cap (after you've build a lot of houses, you actually hit it. House cost kept rising but the pop cap did not. I'm 100% sure of this. Don't know about Cossacks though). -A friend of mine and an aspiring filmmaker.
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