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Name: Pyrohappygirl

Nick names: (I just thought I'd add them) Pyro, Madz.

Age: Almost twelve.

Gender: Female (Hence pyrohappyGIRL)

Race: Elven psychic

Appearance: Tall, pale and thin. She's got like, pointy ears, and her hair is ginger with red streaks (But she dyes it a lot) She wears a pair of dark blue trackpants with a repeated white CCC logo in green down the side. She has a black t-shirt with a picture of fire on it, with the quote 'fire is pretty' on it. Over the top is an open purple vest and she has a pink, red and orange crystal necklace around her neck. Her teeth are bright white and her eyes are forever glowing like fire. If she ever dies, they would burn out and return to their natural colour, a pale green. Some of her accesories include a backpack that seems to have INFINITE room currently holding a limitless supply of dye and cookies, a black guitar with a purple flame painted on it, and a large, imposing silver sword.

Weaknesses: She's a slow runner, she has a history of falling over nothing, she can be rather indecisive. Can't balance... Scared of heights... Scared of falling... Scared of drowning... And can't swim very well, so tends to avoide swimming.

Skills: She can set stuff on fire... And psy-blast... And sing really well. Oh. She always has dye with her if you need it. Mainly red dye... And she has good skills with a blade. And a guitar.

Likes: Sasha Nein (Dibs on him if Psychonauts characters come into this), Razputin Aquato, Psychonauts, Lucasforums (What can I say? MOST OF YOU GUYS ROCK!!!)Green Day, Music, Bonus Stage, fire... And psychic powers (YUSS! My online identity who you know me as IS in fact psychic!!! But she can only use pyrokinesis and psy-blast) warm colors.

Dislikes: School, working, homework, chores, water.

Personality: You should know what I act like by now!!!

Pyro sat and stared at the screen, her eyes glazed over.
"Oh man, another PM from someone. I get so many... Not really," She mumbled. The little voice inside her head shuffled around weirdly.
"Okay, time to see if it's another insult," She mumbled, clicking on the link in her e-mail and looking at the page.
"Wait a second..." She mumbled.
"That's scary..." She mumbled, clicking on the button to read the message entitled 'help'
"He's... Being attacked by anti-tim? Weird... I thought Smon just made it up," She mumbled, scanning through the message. At the bottom, after explaining the help he needed, it only said, 'PM someone'
"WHATEVER YOU SAY TIM!!!" Pyro yelled, rushing off to the boards to post her message.

As she reached the off-topic board, she noticed something. It was... deserted. Normally, this was the time everyone was on, but... Nobody was... She was scared.
"Hello?" She thought, clicking on a topic.
"Man, this is... Eerie," She mumbled. Suddenly, some form of magical thing happened and Pyro found herself in cyber space.
"Ooh fun," She mumbled. She looked over to her left and saw a guy attacking pop-ups. He stopped attacking abruptly, and began to follow a cat-girl around. Pyro recognised the girl immediately.
"Hey Mashi! Hi!" She called, running over to said cat-human hybrid.

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With that, pyrohappygirl becomes about 100 times better than Darth_Ave, who is about 100 times better than Shakespeare. So you're like 100,000 times better than Shakespeare, but only a mere 100 times better than me.

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