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Originally Posted by Darth333
Feedback on this new version and more particularly on the level up rate would really be appreciated.
You can always use KSE ( if you want to cheat and get the force power at another moment. If you cheat, the leveling up after 20 uses of the force power will happen anyways.
Have done it the KSE way so far since I didn't have a save near the Korriban Tomb currently to test it with. Seems to work so far in a series of pit fights. 20 Uses seem fairly OK for "upgrading" on my part since I usually don't tend to spam summoning spells/powers but reserve them for tougher fights, and you can only get the power to begin with in a special place in the game.

Originally Posted by Darth333
- use of stoffe's tsl patcher to ensure compatibility with other mods (note I use the hacklist to edit the .ncs files instead of recompiling the scripts.
I think you've forgotten to update the info.rtf readme, the title is currently "Tach Morphing FP for Kotor 2: TSL", and the text seems to be about that mod too.

The HackList should work just as well for this if you've already set things up properly (and you'll save some download size by not having to include the script compiler), it's just (IMHO) more grunt work required if scripts need to be modified afterwards if doing it this way, since you'll need to confirm that all the offsets are still valid.

Originally Posted by Darth333
If you have a previous version of this mod installed, please uninstall it before updating (or simply delete the three lines for this force power from your spells.2da file: FORCE_POWER_D3_SABER_1, FORCE_POWER_D3_SABER_2 and FORCE_POWER_D3_SABER_3. If this is the only mod that uses spells,2da that you have in your override folder, then just delete spells.2da.)
This shouldn't be necessary if you use the "ExclusiveColumn" function for 2DA files, and set any non-standard game files to be replaced when installed. If you use the "ExclusiveColumn" key and keep the value in the exclusive column (usually the label column) the same as in previous versions the patcher would modify the existing lines with any changes rather than add duplicates if a matching line already exists.

Originally Posted by Darth333
1. Create a new folder called Override in your C:\Program Files\LucasArts\SWKotOR2 directory.
2. Extract the files to your override folder. Note that this mod will be incompatible with any other mod using thge spells.2da file.
I assume that (2) quoted above is a copy&paste error? If you extract the TSLPatcher data files to override Bad Things(tm) may happen since you might potentially overwrite any existing files, and the patcher would attempt to append to its own blueprint files.

As for (1), the tslpatcher should create the override folder automatically if it does not already exist.

Originally Posted by Emperor Devon
Select the line you want to delete and hit the delete key.
Be very careful about the circumstances you do this in. If there are any other lines below the one you delete you will mess up any references to those lines in line number indexed files (appearance.2da, spells.2da, feat.2da, placeables.2da, heads.2da, portraits.2da, classes.2da, skills.2da etc), since the index to any following lines would be changed if one line suddenly disappears. This is the reason you'll see a fair deal of unused junk lines in those files, Bioware/Obsidian couldn't delete them outright without reindexing all the following lines, which would break any references to those lines elsewhere in the game (and in existing savegames).

If it's the last row in the file you need to delete it should be safe though, provided you get rid of any references to that line in other files (and savegames), since the game has a nasty tendency to crash if it attempts to look up a 2da line that does not exist.

Originally Posted by Lit Ridl
Wonder if Stoffe will make chnges to his mod like in yours, to make it perfect mod too.
Not likely, if I update my force power mod it'll probably remain in its currently flawed state where you can pick powers at levelup, and only add new powers to it.


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