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Name: St. Jimmy
Age: Not sure...
Gender: So damn male!
Species: Human
Apperance: There aren't very many clear photos of me but I have large white wings on my back and I always seem to have a white 'censor' line over my eyes. I'm tall, have dark hair, and I don't wear a shirt.
Habits:I tend to look down whenever I walk. I really don't give a **** what people think and I REFUSE to be a victim of authority. I represent the needle in the vain of the establishment. There's more but I won't bore you with Green Day quotes. (Go listen to the song.)
Strengths: Incredibly Defiant, Strong, Will stand up for anything I belive in, Am allways on a rush, Won't take **** from anyone!
weakness': Can't handle Authority. An ex-girlfriend called Whatsername.
Skills: I'm a badass.

*Is wandering aimlessly* *See's Mashi* "Ooh, a Cat person hybrid thing! that's pretty hot!" (heh.) *follows mashi*

The following tale of alien encounter is true and by true, I mean false. Its all lies. But they're entertaining lies, and in the end isn't that the real truth? The answer is no.

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