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Originally Posted by stoffe -mkb-
I think you've forgotten to update the info.rtf readme, the title is currently "Tach Morphing FP for Kotor 2: TSL", and the text seems to be about that mod too.
Ooops! How did that got there? Fixed!

This shouldn't be necessary if you use the "ExclusiveColumn" function for 2DA files, and set any non-standard game files to be replaced when installed. If you use the "ExclusiveColumn" key and keep the value in the exclusive column (usually the label column) the same as in previous versions the patcher would modify the existing lines with any changes rather than add duplicates if a matching line already exists.
You know the worst part in this? I was already using the exclusivecolumn function so there is no problem in installing the mod on top of the previous version. I did this part months ago and didn't remember about it. I should definitely be more careful. Sorry for all the confusion I may have created Don't think I do this to scare people (d3 goes hiding under the nearest rock).

I'm glad the level up system seems to work fine for those who have tried the mod. (woot! I got lucky! )

and thanks for the update ChAiNz

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