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Chapter I
New Beginnings, New Enemies.

Jaden woke up in his room. He put his tan Jedi clothes on, and picked up his lightsaber. He got out of his room and found Rosh. He then greeted him. Rosh replied with a friendly smile. Jaden wandered a little while in the halls of the Massassi Temple, until he found Kyle, Jan ,Han and Chewbacca working on the Millenium Falcon.

“Hi Kyle. Were are we going?” asked Jaden.

“We’re going to the old planet of Geonosis. There seems to be many activity there.” answered Kyle.

“Just five more minutes, and it will be ready to go.” said Jan.

Jaden then went to Master Skywalker’s chambers. There he found Luke.

“Hello Jaden. You have sensed it too haven’t you?” asked Luke.

“Yes. There is a new Dark Side energy.” answered Jaden.

“I have sensed that energy on Geonosis, and that’s why I’m sending you, Kyle, Jan and Rosh there. You shall go in the
Millenium Falcon. And Jaden, be careful with the darkside.” said Luke.

Jaden nodded, and got out. He went back the garage, and the Falcon was ready. Han told him to get in.C-3PO and R2 were also there.When they were all inside, Han fired up the engines, and they left Yavin. He set a course for Geonosis, and they jumped into Hyperspace.


Meanwhile ,in Geonosis, a armoured person was walking. His face was covered by a hood, and he had a cape. It was Kayn. Suddenly, a Kel Dor with a lightsaber appears.

“Master, the Jedi is coming to Geonosis.” said the Kel Dor.

“Good Cyrus. You are dismissed” said Kayn.


Meanwhile in the Falcon, Jaden was talking to Rosh.

“Hi Rosh, how are you feeling?” asked Jaden.

“I’m okay Jaden, you worry too much. I got my arm cut off, but now i have a new one. No biggie.” Answered Rosh.

“Alright, but be careful.” Said Jaden.

Suddenly, Kyle came in and told them they had arrived in Geonosis.

Kyle, Han, Rosh and Jaden got out. The planet was practically deserted. Some ship wreck there and some droid wreck here, but nothing else.

“I have a bad feeling about this.” Said Kyle and Han simultaneously.

They walked a little until they found two Reborns with a squadron of five Storm Troopers. Han shot two in the head, and Kyle fried the remaining with a bolt of Force Lightning. Rosh threw one of his lightsabers at one of the Reborns, and it cut his hand off. Rosh then ,with his lightsabers, slew the Reborn with a Medium Kata Attack. Meanwhile, the other Reborn and Jaden were duelling, until he started Force Gripping Jaden. Jaden then countered by throwing his lightsaber at the Reborn’s throat, cutting his head off. They then found a base, hidden in the rocky mountains. After entering it, they saw the welcoming party. 5 Reborns, ready to battle with double-bladed sabers.

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