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Chapter II
The New Trade Federation

Jaden, Rosh and Kyle all turned on their lightsabers .Han quickly got his DL-44 Blaster Pistol, and started shooting, but the Reborns blocked with their staffsabers.

“Okay, you’re alone now guys.” Said Han, realizing he would only slow them down.

Rosh was the first to strike. He quickly speeded himself with the force, and swung both of his yellow lightsabers, but the Reborn parried, Force Pushed Rosh. Kyle engaged duel with another one, most of the time in saberlocks. He then found a weakness in the Reborn’s defense. He engaged in another saberlock, and swung at the Reborn’s leg. The Reborn screamed in pain, and then Kyle plunged his blue lightsaber in the Reborn, killing him. Jaden then fought against the Reborn that knocked out Rosh, because he was about to kill him. Jaden threw his lightsaber at the Reborn, cutting his hand, and then almost frying him with Force Lightning. There were three more left, and Rosh was knocked out. Suddenly, a grenade was thrown, and the Reborns died. It was Han.

“Thanks a lot Han.” Said Kyle.

They then healed Rosh with the Force, and woke up. Then, they continued their path. Walking through many hallways, they noticed every Reborn they found didn’t attack them. It seemed almost as if they were ordered to do it.


Meanwhile, Kayn and Cyrus were talking to some Geonosians. They were part of the New Trade Federation.

“So, if you join us, we will supply you with an army of Droids!” said one of the Geonosians.
“Hmm, interesting indeed. But what’s in it for you, Uriel?” asked Kayn.

Uriel started to feel nervous. He planned on using the Droids to kill the remaining Sith, and then dominate the Galaxy.

“I was thinking of a partnership, you kill the Jedi and I kill the important figures of planets like Corusant and Corellia.” Said Uriel, sweating of fear.
“You are scared.” pointed Cyrus. Uriel started to be more scared.
“It does not matter apprentice. I accept.” Said Kayn.

Kayn and Uriel shook hands as the other Geonosians and some Reborns clapped hands. But Cyrus still knew Uriel was up to something.


“This is strange. No Reborn is attacking us.” Pointed Rosh. It was very strange indeed.
“I have a bad feeling about this.” Said Kyle.

They continued walking, until they found a door. It was all dark.

“Sounds like a maze.” Said Jaden.

And unfortunately, it was. They spent some pretty long 20 minutes to locate the exit. After the left the maze, surprisingly, they were at the starting point. They went to the Millennium Falcon.

“So, what you got?” asked Jan.
“Unfortunately, nothing.” Answered Kyle.

Then, they all heard some noises. Blaster shots. And it were lots of them. They all went outside, and saw MILLIONS of Droids.

“Droids?” said Han, surprised “These type of droids don’t exist like 50 years ago!”
“Apparently they do now.” said Kyle.

R2 started beeping, and 3PO translated.

“We have already seen this type of droids. They were part of the Trade Federation.”
“Well, now they’re back.” Said Jan.


Meanwhile in the academy, someone knocked into Luke’s room.

“Come in.” he said. He looked at the person. “So it’s you. Welcome to the Jedi Academy. You will be assigned to Master Katarn when he comes back. And your name is?” asked Luke.
“Kyra. Kyra Zerp.” Said Kyra.
“Very well Kyra. While Kyle is gone, I’ll begin your training with the Force Powers.” Said Luke.


“I don’t trust him Master.” Said Cyrus.
“I don’t trust him either. But we’ll play along for now.” Said Kayn. ”Anyways, have the droids started to attack?” asked Kayn.
“Yes my Master.” answered Cyrus.


Jaden, Rosh, Kyle, Chewie and Han got outside. They started destroying droids, one by one, with all resources. Lightsabers, the Force, blasters, grenades, all. But It was just too much, there were many droids. So they re-grouped in the Falcon, and started shooting. Then, Uriel appeared on the monitor.

“Listen, it doesn’t matter how many droids you destroy, they will continue to be thousands.” Said Uriel.

Kyle then saw outside two Sith. It was Kayn and Cyrus.

“Let us out Han.” Said Kyle.

Han landed the ship, and Kyle, Jaden and Rosh got out.

“Droids, stop shooting.” Said Kayn. “I don’t think I’ve introduced myself, so let me. Darth Kayn, Sith Lord and future Ruler of the Galaxy and Destroyer of the Jedi.”

Kayn then ignited his lightsaber. It was redder than a laigrek’s eye, and his apprentice Cyrus ignited his saber. It was a double-bladed, similar to some advanced Reborns. Kyle ignited his Blue Lightsaber, Jaden his Orange and Rosh one of his Yellow’s.
Then, they started duelling. Jaden and Rosh took care of Cyrus while Kayn fighted Kyle.

“I underestimated you Katarn. Join the Dark Side, and get eternal power!” said Kayn.
“I will never join the Dark Side Kayn!”
“So be it.”

Kayn then plunged his lightsaber in Kyle’s shoulder. Kyle screamed in pain as Kayn shot a bolt of Lightning, making him unconscious. Jaden Force Pushed Cyrus, and grabbed Kyle. Jaden and Rosh fled to the Millenium Falcon. They fled Geonosis, and flew to the Academy on Yavin IV. Unfortunately, some Star Fighters appeared.

“Get to the turrets! You should be able to take care of them while I get this damn Falcon to fly onto Hyperspace!” said Han to Jaden and Rosh.

They rushed to two ladders, standing beside the other, and they climbed them. Jaden quickly got a target, and shot, destroying one of the 8 Star Fighters. Rosh charged and shot to a group of 3 Star Fighters, making them 4. Jaden then shot a missile, destroying the remaining. They climbed down the ladders and went to Han.

“Lady and Gentlemen, buckle your seatbelts, next stop: Yavin IV.” Said Han.

They jumped into Hyperspace, and Han routed to Yavin IV.


After they landed, Jaden and Rosh quickly put Kyle in the Medical Room. A medical droid took care of him, and Jan was beside him, holding his hand. She then gave him a soft kiss on the cheek.

Meanwhile, Jaden and Rosh were hanging out with some other students, when 3PO and R2 came to the Living Halls.

“Beep Beep Woooo!” said R2. 3PO translated.
“He says Master Katarn is better.”
“Well, that’s a relief.” Said Jaden.
“And Master Skywalker wants to talk to you.” Said 3PO.
“Well, what are we waiting for? Let’s go!” said Rosh.

They walked a bit until they reached Luke’s chambers, so they decided to talk a little bit.

“What do you think Master Skywalker wants?” said Rosh.
“Probably just a report of the situation since Jan is with Kyle and Han is with Chewie giving the ship a little fixing.” Answered Jaden.

When they arrived, Luke turned around.
“Welcome. How was it?” asked Luke.
“Apparently the Trade Federation has returned with a battalion of Droids.” Said Jaden.
“There’s a new Sith Lord. He’s the reason Kyle’s in the Medical Room.” Said Rosh.
“Hmm, troubling. Anyways, I’d like to present to you our newest student, Kyra Zerp.” Said Luke.

And there she was. She had blonde hair, and some Jedi Clothes. Jaden and Rosh blushed a little while, and a bit later Jaden said:

“Hello. I’m Jaden and this is Rosh. We welcome you to the Academy.” Said he.

“Thanks. And I’ve heard you are quite popular.” Said Kyra.

“Well, I fell to the Dark Side but got back and he killed Tavion and imprisoned Ragnos forever. Now you do the maths.” Said Rosh.

“Haham.” Said Luke. - “Meanwhile, you don’t you get some rest. And May the Force be With You.”

Kyra, Jaden and Rosh got out and into their rooms to rest a little.
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