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Chapter III
Games of Mistrust-Part I

Jaden was in a temple, maybe a Sith Tomb. He had a red lightsaber, and he had a black robe. He was seeing Tavion dead, and retrieved the sceptre she had. Kyle then appeared.

“Jaden, so you defeated Tavion. But now I must stop you.” He said. Kyle ignited his lightsaber and so did Jaden. They had an intense fight until Jaden made many rocks fall onto Kyle. Dead at last, thought he.


Jaden then woke up. It was all a dream. But would that happen if I had killed Rosh? He thought. Jaden got out of his bed, and put his clothes on. He grabbed his lightsaber and got out. It was a beautiful day outside the temple. He then spotted Rosh.

“Hi Rosh, what are you doing?” he asked.
“Hi Jaden. I’m looking for Kyra.” Rosh replied.
“Why is that?”
“She asked me to follow her, but i lost track of her.”


Meanwhile deeper in the Jungle, Kyra was looking at some trees until she heard something. It were mercenaries. She hid behind a tree and heard.

“So, what does the Boss want us to do?” asked a mercenary.
“He wants us to capture one or two Jedis. Probably Luke Skywalker.” Answered the other. At this time, Kyra knew she had to tell Master Skywalker about this.

Jaden and Rosh screamed for Kyra. Unfortunately, the mercenaries heard them and started running towards them, but Kyra was following them. The mercenaries quickly pointed their blaster rifles onto Jaden and Rosh.

“Hands up Jedi Scum!” said one mercenary. Jaden and Rosh put their hands up.
“Now come over and none of your Jedi Tricks or you will be dead in a second!” said the other with a rage. They started walking, but then Kyra threw her staffsaber to a tree.

“What the hell was that?!” asked one mercenary , surprised.
“Jaden, Rosh, now!” screamed Kyra. Jaden and Rosh got their lightsabers out and leapt towards the mercenaries. Jaden cut their blasters and Rosh their hands. The mercenaries screamed in pain and Kyra asked:

“What were you talking about earlier?” asked Kyra.
“What the hell are you talking about!?” asked one of the mercenaries.
“Your conversation about capturing a Jedi. I overheard it, so what was the destination!?” asked Kyra once again.
“Nar Shadda!” yelled one of them.

Then he fainted. They knew they had to tell Luke about this. They also took the other mercenary for explanation.


After they arrived, Kyle was better, but wasn’t ready to get out.

“Master Skywalker, we found two mercenaries on the jungle.” Said Rosh.
“What about the other?” asked Luke.
“He collapsed in the jungle.” Said Jaden.
“Apparently they were were to capture some Jedi and then bring them to Nar Shadda.” Said Kyra.
“Hmm, Nar Shadda. Students, it seems we have a bounty on our heads. You should go to Nar Shadda to settle this bounty. Take the Raven’s Claw and land in the Refugee Sector. Then, wait for Han and Chewie, they shall be helpful on this mission.”
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